What Are the Benefits of Physical Therapy for Pain Relief?

Did you know that over 20% of American adults suffer from chronic pain?

Do you struggle with chronic pain? Are you tired of taking over-the-counter pain relief medication? It might be time to seek out physical therapy.

There are many benefits of physical therapy when it comes to pain relief. A good physical therapist will help you with your mobility, your flexibility, and more.

We’re here to explain with a quick physical therapy guide. Read on to learn more.

A Personal Approach

Many conventional pain-relief methods are one-size-fits-all. While they may work for most people, they’re not going to work for everyone. Even if they do work, they might not be the best option for every type of pain.

Physical therapists understand that all of their patients are different and they have unique needs. Their injuries or conditions may mimic the injuries or conditions of others, but they need an individualized approach.

They can offer joint pain relief, headache relief, or muscle relief that suits your specific needs. If something doesn’t work, they can make adjustments and try something new.

You know that you can trust your physical therapist to find a treatment plan that works for you.

Prevents Future Injuries

Did you know that physical therapy can help you prevent future problems as well as heal the problems that you already have?

When you see a physical therapist, they can create a treatment plan that includes stretches and gentle exercises that can help you strengthen and stretch your body to prevent future pain.

Proper exercises and stretches will prevent injuries from over-use, exercise, and potentially even dangerous falls. You’ll have better stability and flexibility.

When you use conventional medicine for your pain, you’re only fixing the pain (and you’re truly only putting a bandage on it rather than fixing it). You’re not preventing the problem from getting worse in the future.

Treats the Root of the Problem

Physical therapists don’t only treat symptoms. They treat root causes. This means that they’re able to treat the problem in a holistic and complete way.

If the root problem of your back pain was poor posture, would it be helpful to medicate the problem away? It would be far better to have a physical therapist adjust your posture and help you strengthen your back so you can stay healthy in the future.

May Get Rid of the Need for Surgery

Sometimes surgery is inevitable for chronic pain. That said, with the help of physical therapy, it can be avoidable in certain situations.

Many doctors will recommend physical therapy before surgery. Pree-surgical physical therapy can make post-surgical recovery easier or remove the need for surgery altogether.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Physical Therapy

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, visit your local physical therapy clinic to talk to a licensed physical therapist. The benefits of physical therapy can help you live a more pain-free lifestyle without the need to rely on medication or surgery.

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