Top HR Software Features that make it Efficient for the HR team

Technological advancements have marked their presence in changing the world of work. With newfound tools, HR functioning has been easier than ever. Cities such as cities Delhi Mumbai and Bangalore have been the industrial hub with the new generation workforce who are engaged in entrepreneurial setup with growing businesses. HR software in Delhi aims to become a one-stop solution that assists in establishing an aligned system for a new setup or aligned system within the organization. It aims at establishing connectivity between the employees during remote modules of work. HR software has evolved with time. The very first application aimed to set up a system that can collectively integrate data to set up an aligned system within the organization. 

HR software has evolved with time, each passing day tech-savvy entrepreneurs innovate tools that make their application stand outside the box. For instance, HROne concept of #HROne Inbox has introduced the idea of a fully functioning HR application on android and IOS devices. It enables the HR team and the employee to manage tasks and update attendance from their devices from any has increased efficiency for the employee and the HR team. As it becomes easier for each employee to keep track of performance and attendance. The features installed in the application have served in resolving the issues that cause hindrance in the functioning of the organization.

This article will discuss in detail the features and a step by step guidance in choosing the best fit HR software in Delhi. 

Let’s take a tour of the features that makes it efficient for the HR team to function seamlessly:

Core HR

The basic element of HR software is the management of information of the employees. Each organization stores huge data related to the employees, revenues, profits and original costing of the product that is manufactured. This data has the potential to create havoc if it is leaked or breached. Crimes such as stolen identity, forgery and breach of data can take place if these data are not secured.

Data in today’s world holds utmost importance in the world of IT industry. Technology has been developed to secure data, however, criminals have advanced their ways to discover loopholes or even create innovative ideas to steal data.

This is why it has become imperative for technologically advanced systems to be equipped with a well-enhanced security system that can help in securely storing data. It provides the employer with the features to customize access rights, organize employee data. The HR team and the managers dedicate a strategic workflow. It easily assigns the employee the tasks and keeps a track of the progress of the projects assigned to them. It even allows them to customize page rights, action rights, data rights and even manage the right that allows the employee to edit and update data. 

Workforce management

As easy as it may sound, the harsh reality is that it includes challenges to maintain a huge number of workforce. For instance, imagine managing a workforce of more than two hundred or five hundred employees or an organization that functions 24/7 and is associated with organizations that function in different time zones. This application helps the HR to maintain a healthy working environment. It updates the employees of the roster that function on rotational shifts. This diminishes chaos that might cause any hurdle due to missing updates. It maintains the workflow within the organization. HR software in Delhi and other metropolitan areas are responsible for the management 0of employees’ life cycle. It marks a newly  recruited employee presence in the organization. The confirmation of the employee with appointment and the journey until they serve the last day in the organization.

It streamlines offboarding of the employee. Once the employee resigns they are entitled to serve a specific notice period that needs to be completed in accordance with the HR policy of the organization. Once the employee completes the notice period HR software seamlessly aligns the separation procedure by notifying the dues of the employee. It manages the last day of the employee with a meaningful clearance by virtually allotting them the experience letter, relieving letter and an exit survey to keep a record of the experience of the employee while his/her association with the organization. 

Workforce management has its base on data that is later on analysed by the analytics team to determine the productivity of the organization. HR software auto-generated the data for the analytics team to update to generate reports for a detailed study on the productivity of the organization. 

Employee engagement

With the pandemic and a complete lockdown, it became difficult to ensure employee engagement within the organization. As each employee functioned within their own set up at home. While working remotely the employees might not be able to ensure employee engagement. HR software in Delhi introduced tools that can help in ensuring connectivity within the employees. The employees can ensure a healthy virtual working environment. The HRs felt empowered and organized activities to boost morale and productivity of the employees. It cannot be denied that the pandemic has been a challenging year. Even for the employee who engaged in activities from remote locations. HR software insured installation tools such as moodbots to determine the employee’s state of mind. The HR team can provide assistance in the time of crisis. 

With these features the HR software has made it easier for the employee to maintain the workforce and ensure a healthy aligned system. Having said that, it is essential to opt for the best fit Hr software for the organization. If the application fails to coexist with the application installed in the organization. 

The best way to proceed to opt for the best application in the organization is by ensuring a few factors :

IT infrastructure

The employer needs to ensure the organization has a healthy working environment. A healthy IT environment that can tackle any shortcomings and avoid any unwanted challenge that has the potential to halt the functioning of the organization.

Customary platforms

Organizations have their own policies that need to be updated to function within the organization. It empowers the employer to customarily develop the application in accordance with the accessibility of the employees functioning within the organization. 

These are a few elements that help in opting for the best HR software in India. As there are many applications that are available in the market. But the installation of an application comes with a huge amount of investment. If the employer fails to opt for the best fit it might cause a huge amount of loss affecting the profit revenue of the organization. This is why it is imperative to make a calculated decision while choosing the best software. Applications such as HROne cloud have been gaining immense popularity with their motto to serve as one stop solution for a;ll the HR activities. This could be a well versed option to look for if any organization, irrespective of the number of employees associated, are looking for an HCM suite for smooth functioning. Choose wisely to ensure a seamless system and healthy working environment. 

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar is a Digital Marketing Strategist in a leading organisation. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development