Top 10 HR Software in India in 2022

Employees are a fundamental asset for any organization, and HR software helps to manage this asset efficiently. The success rate of any organization depends on its capabilities to acquire the best talent and retain it. Irrespective of your business size, industry workforce management will be a challenge without the right tools that understand your requirement. 

The best approach to manage your workforce effective implementation of the best HR software that manages different aspects of your daily activity. When you are in search of the technology that simplifies HR department tasks, you need to ensure that it has the best payroll software inbuilt. 

We have compiled a list of the best 10 HR software in India in 2022: 


factoHR is a prominent cloud-based HR software helping businesses optimize their HR processes and drive productivity. It assists managers in maintaining the employee database, handling their attendance, calculating salaries, evaluating performances, and even building policies. The interface of the system is easy-to-understand, so even beginners can easily use it for different purposes. In addition, it is customizable, so the administrator can make changes and define user access permissions according to the need.


  • Payroll
  • Performance management
  • Attendance & Leave management
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Employee onboarding
  • Expense claims and management
  • Employee database


HROne is India’s fastest growing HR software solution. It is an effective solution primarily because it never lets you forget any task, reminders come straight in #inboxforHR. It comes with Google like search engines and the user  interface is as simple as ola and swiggy. HROne tracks and records every data and updates it in real-time. You can also customize the software widgets and dashboard view as per your need ultimately helping you build a happier workforce. 


  • Core HR–  This feature assists in mapping one’s organization effortlessly irrespective of that fact if the organization is a small or a large scale organization. The strong OU mapping engine provides the HR team with a secured platform to store employee databases and  manage the workforce. It provides a customary edge to the employer by letting you set the access rights, page rights, and map policies as per role, enterprise, grade and more- all from a broader to granular level. 
  • Workforce management-Workforce management plays an essential role determining the productivity curve for any organization. HROne assists in managing the workforce by a simplified approach towards managing the life cycle of each employee. HROne provides the HR team with functionalities taking care of the employee starting from the selection of the candidate. HROne is designed in a detailed manner to take care of minute necessities starting from offer, appointment letter templates to maintaining employee’s every detail from attendance to salary history. 
  • Payroll management- Payroll is one of the most important teams for any organization. HROne provides automated payroll processing. Integrated with other modules it generates the required data determining the amount that needs to be credited in the employee’s account at the end of each month. An easy access to the employee helps them understand the salary structure, i.e. the ctc break -up and the deductions and the inhand salary amount. 
  • Employee engagement- HROne pays major attention in ensuring employee satisfaction.  It provides the employee with features such as moodbots and anonymous surveys to identify the hurdles faced by the employees affecting the productivity curve. The anonymous surveys help in generating honest reviews feedback. HROne provides the team leads and the managers with credit points and badges to applaud the hard work of the team or individual employee. It empowers the employee to keep a track of his/her own performance, reminding them of the tasks that they need to complete avoiding missing deadlines. Announcements related to any activity that requires special attention is done on the employees personal notification box. 
  • Performance and attendance management-Performance review is done on regular intervals to keep a track on the development of the organization. Performance review comprehends many layers including employee’s behavior, KPIs etc. HROne provides a 360 degree feedback module commemorating the overall performance of the employee. It helps in setting up goals and generates continuous feedback. One of the amazing features is the 9 box matrix. This tool helps the admin team to identify the excellent performers of the organization. It identifies the leaders for the future.

Zoho People:

Zoho people is one of the most efficient HR software that helps to transform the HR processes. It is easy to customize the software according to your needs. Zoho people assist your HR department with better automation of mundane tasks. The interface is user-friendly, which is why it does not require any additional training. The HR operations are so simplified because of mobile deployment, evaluates employee performance, and integration of other software is also possible.  Zoho people help your organization with HR analytics, and it is a scalable and secure HR software. 


  • Employee database management. 
  • Attendance tracking. 
  • Onboarding. 
  • Corporate LMS. 
  • Time management. 
  • HR analytics. 
  • HR chatbot. 
  • HR process automation. 


Keka is an all-inclusive HR management software; that your organization needs to make your organization the best. It is a powerful tool that connects your workforce through a single platform and gives detailed insights about them. Keka assists your organization in the automation of the payroll process and stays compliant even during remote working. It helps to create a positive work culture and scale up the performance. Keka does not hamper the recruitment and onboarding, even during work from home. 


  • HR analytics. 
  • Remote attendance management. 
  • Leave management. 
  • Performance management. 
  • Payroll management. 
  • Applicant tracking. 
  • Recruitment and onboarding. 
  • HRIS. 


GreytHR has all the tools inbuilt to help your organization to flourish. It calculates payroll without any errors and disburses it in just one click. Your organization does not have to worry about managing leaves and attendance with GreytHR. It is a comprehensive tool that tracks and assists the employees right from onboarding to the exit formalities. It also notes the company assets given to the employees. It is easy to deploy GreytHR on mobile apps for better accessibility. 


  • Payroll management. 
  • Leave management system. 
  • Attendance management system. 
  • Employee self-serve.

Spine HR Suite:

Spine HR Suite is an advanced HR software that is easy to implement. It records and tracks all the employee records to comply with the labor laws. It is an efficient tool that takes care of your entire requirement in managing workflow and accounting employees. It can seamlessly integrate with the other software solutions and all aspects of the organization. The spine HR suite helps to design and set a structured workflow to achieve goals. It also enhances the productivity and accountability of the employees. 


  • Expense management. 
  • Attendance and leave management. 
  • Claims and reimbursements. 
  • Onboarding and training. 
  • Travel request management. 
  • HR chatbot. 


Qandle is an all-in-one software that manages all your core HR functions. This software solution helps to track your expenditures, and employees can raise requests through chats. It helps your HR department to manage attendance and sends reminders for crucial tasks. Qandle HR software helps to simplify the reimbursement processes. 


  • Leave and attendance management. 
  • Payroll management. 
  • Employee database. 
  • Asset management. 
  • Recruitment, onboarding, and exit formalities. 
  • Task and project management. 
  • Performance management. 
  • Reports and analytics. 
  • Training and development.


HRmantra uses the latest technologies to make the HR software more robust. It has a friendly UI with a smart dashboard to easily navigate through different functions. HRmantra is a secure HR platform that complies with data protection and also is flexible to incorporate any complex HR policies in any sector. This software solution is capable of delivering a higher return on investment. 


  • Human resource management. 
  • Recruitment and Learning management. 
  • Attendance and leave management. 
  • Payroll management. 
  • Travel and helpdesk management. 
  • Project management. 

Pocket HRMS:

Pocket HRMS is a prominent HR solution that helps you prepare for your success. It helps to simplify your HR operations and reduce errors. Pocket HRMS is a perfect tool to comply with data security and manage your expenditures. It has a self-serve portal to engage your employees for an efficient workforce and HR management. 


  • HR chatbots. 
  • Payroll management. 
  • Full and final settlement. 
  • Time tracking software. 
  • HR analytics. 
  • Interactive HR system. 


Zimyo is a complete HRMS suite that helps organizations right from onboarding to offboarding and beyond. It gives your team the flexibility to manage the HR management software from phones or other portable devices. You can get an overview of timesheets and attendance with Zimyo. It is one of the most compliant payroll software that automates payroll and reduces mistakes. The interface gives you a detailed advanced analysis of your workforce. 


  • Recruitment. 
  • Onboarding. 
  • Time and leave management. 
  • Expense and payroll management. 
  • Performance management. 
  • E-separation.  

Wallet HR:

Wallet HR delivers excellence through technology to manage onboarding to offboarding through a single platform. It is easy-to-use software that allows customization and implementation are quick. They help you to choose the tools that understand your requirements and budget. Wallet HR is a perfect solution that adapts to any vertical. 


  • Recruitment and offboarding. 
  • Core HR. 
  • Canteen management. 
  • Visitor management. 
  • Task and travel management. 
  • Grievance management. 
  • Performance appraisals. 

All of the above software solutions have many more features that you might require; visit their website or explore more on Technology Counter.


There are numerous HR management software vendors in the market, but you will require the best one that understands your needs and fits your budget. We have compiled the list of the top ten HR software in India in 2022.


What is HRMS software?

Human resource management software (HRMS) is an all-inclusive tool that simplifies HR department tasks and connects the entire workforce on a single platform.

Why do you need HR software?

HR software will automate most mundane tasks and increase the productivity and effectiveness of your HR department.

Why does a small business need HR software?

 HR software is a scalable solution that will help your business expand and save your money and time.

Can you customize the HR software? 

Yes, you can customize the HR software as per your needs depends on vendor to vendor.