Employee Engagement in HR: What It Involves?

An employee is like an engine to the organization. Any engine would need maintenance for smooth and efficient functioning. An employee also would need consistent engagement to sustain a happy workforce.

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is a process designed to improve an employee’s dedication, job profile, colleagues, and company culture. The human resource department is responsible for employee engagement. A highly engaged workforce is more productive and creates a happy work environment.

An engaged employee will go beyond their responsibilities for organizational growth. HR software helps you plan and execute an efficient employee engagement initiative.

Diagnose problem areas in the company culture.

Human resource has a wider perspective about companies work process and cultures. It is very crucial to diagnose the problem areas in the company culture. Find an appropriate solution for efficient functioning.

 A lot of organizations have adapted to the anonymous feedback process. Anonymous feedbacks helps to get authentic feedback from the employees. It encourages employees to give real feedback without any fear. 

A closed-door feedback policy is essential for any organization. The closed-door feedback policy ensures the employers to give positive criticism without harming employee’s morale.

Increase awareness about enriching employee engagement.

Organizational leaders and the HR department are responsible for maintaining a happy workforce. It is their responsibility to promote employee engagement. Organizations that have a highly engaged workforce retain their employees on a large scale. 

Employees are also responsible for taking part in an employee engagement initiative. If the employee doesn’t actively take part then all the efforts will go in vain. The HR department should be up to date with the latest trends and tactics to engage employees.

In-house talent growth and Learning opportunities.

Monotonous job routines can be lethal. They increase the attrition rate. Organizations should invest in providing equal learning opportunities and developing their resources. 

A resource should always learn new skills and grow vertically. It is the leader’s responsibility to create new leaders from their team. New leaders are the future of the organization. Instead of hiring new leaders from the industry, it is always better to give your in-house talent a chance. HR software helps to organize learning modules and grow your in-house talent.

Leaders should sharpen their skills on:

  • To appreciate good performers and their work.
  • How to increase team bonding.
  • A leader should practice empathy towards their team.
  • They should be open to ideas and suggestions from their team.
  • Identify and come up with an action plan for bottom performers.
  • Higher employee engagement initiatives.

Employee engagement initiatives:

When the employee feels belonged to the organization will yield more output. The sense of belonging comes through employee engagement initiatives. The following are a few ways to engage your employee and increase productivity.

Rewards and recognition:

It is essential to recognize your employee’s efforts. A simple thank you can turn the stone around. In team meetings, managers should reiterate an employee’s effort who walks the extra mile. This makes employees feel appreciated and recognized.

Rewards are amazing motivators. Rewarding a top performer makes them happy, and they continuously perform well. Rewards can be in various forms. Organizations can give gift cards, gifts, paid travel opportunities, and many more.

Rewards and recognition should take place regularly. In-house reward and recognition programs have a huge ROI.

Ice-breaking or team building sessions:

Ice-breaking or team building sessions foster team building, and newcomers feel welcome. Team coordination plays a vital role in productivity and retention.

Employee engagement activities:

An employee should feel blessed to be a part of the organization. These are a few ideas to engage your employees:

  1. Recognize and reward the employee of the month.
  1. Fun Friday activities.
  1. Organize regular potlucks.
  1. Organize regular team dinners.
  1. Celebrate the teammate’s birthdays and milestones.
  1. Organize a session on work-life balance.
  1. Team outings.
  1. Celebrate all festivities.
  1. Bring your family and pets to work.
  1. Organize brainstorming sessions.

Analyze your employee engagement activities:

All organizations should gauge their employee engagement activities. They should also know the ROI of employee engagement initiatives. HR departments should take employee surveys on how they can improve.


Organizations should measure and track the success of employee engagement. It should be an essential part of your human resource management. It helps to maintain a happy workspace, retain employees, and increase productivity. Reducing absenteeism is one of the important benefits of employee engagement initiatives.