Technology Trends: The Evolution of 3D Printer Businesses

One of the most exciting technologies today is certainly 3D printing. The potential uses for the technology are staggering. It’s even possible to 3D print a house. So what does the future hold for this compelling technology, and what can we expect to see from 3D printer businesses?

This article tells you everything you need to know about the evolution of the 3D printer business.

1. Growing Market

One of the defining features of the 3D manufacturing market is how fast things are growing. In the last decade, 3D printing has gone from a niche and novelty technology into a serious market.

In the next decade, we’ll likely see 3D printing breaking into the mainstream. Consumers will have their own 3D printers and also order their own custom designs from 3D printing businesses.

2. Affordable Prices

Another change in the industry will be that 3D printing becomes more affordable. Not only will the 3D printers themselves become more affordable, but the raw materials will also be more accessible as well.

This means that more casual hobbyists will be able to get involved in 3D manufacturing from home. It also means that more companies will spring up offering 3D printed custom designs.

This will allow people with less income to get involved with the technology.

3. A Growing Community

As 3D printing services expand, the online community surrounding 3D printing is sure to grow. The community will be very important for 3D printing as people are free to share their own designs online.

Expect to see many sites pop up where people can share their own custom designs. These communities are also likely to focus on certain niches. For example, many 3D printer users are likely interested in printing pieces for board games.

4. High Volume Production

One of the most significant disadvantages to 3D printing is how long it takes to print a single design. This makes it challenging to start a 3D printing business as you’d need a lot of printers to make it viable.

Thankfully, the technology has started to improve to the point that high volume production is now possible. Expect to see businesses popping up involving printing large, mass-produced batches of 3D printed products.

To learn more about high volume 3D printing, check out this link:

5. Easier to Use

Finally, you can expect to see 3D printing technology get much easier for the average consumer to use. One of the most significant barriers to mass adoption of 3D printing is that there is a steep learning curve to the technology.

Expect to see more user-friendly 3D printers that allow almost anyone to start printing out designs.

3D Printer Businesses are Taking Off

The future looks bright for 3D printer businesses. As the technology gets more efficient and user-friendly, 3D printing is going to enter the mainstream.

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