PPC Leads: 5 Lead Generation Strategies to Get More Leads Using PPC

A recent study showed that 65% of people clicked on pay-per-click (PPC) ads. These ads get more traction and attention because they appear before organic search results.

It might not seem that way to you if you’re struggling to get PPC leads. It feels like you’re throwing money away on paid search marketing.

Do you want to become a PPC advertising ninja? Read on to discover five essential tips to improve lead generation with PPC ads.

1. Segment Campaigns

Do you use a single PPC ad and apply it to dozens of keywords and audiences? That’s a costly mistake.

Segment your campaign into geographic regions and keywords. That’s because each group has its own interest, intent, and needs.

This simple step helps your ads connect with users. They’re more likely to click through an

2. Try Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic search ads show users ads that Google pulls from the content of your site. They match the ad with the search term to create a seamless experience for users.

When you set up the ad campaign, you can specify which pages and categories Google can use to create the ads.

3. Get Advice From Experts

PPC ads seem really simple. Mastering the art of PPC ads is incredibly difficult.

You need the perfect headline, ad segmentation, ad text, landing page, and offer. There are more elements to test and tweak as you run your campaign.

Paid ads management requires time and the right strategy. You should get advice from PPC professionals to get your lead generation machine going.

4. Run Remarketing Ads

Most PPC advertising campaigns get a 2% – 10% conversion rate. You’re still missing out on 90% to 98% of your audience.

Remarketing is a follow-up campaign when someone leaves your site without taking action. They’ll see ads for your company, which reminds them to visit your site again.

5. Test Your Landing Page

Your landing page is more important than you think. It’s what creates trust and lets users know they’re in the right place.

If your ad is for a keyword about one topic and your landing page is about another, you’re not going to get the lead.

The landing page needs to be simple and to the point. Make it clear what the person is supposed to do next, whether it’s filling out a form or booking an appointment.

Most of all, test your landing page. Try different headlines, images, and bullet points. You’ll be able to get more PPC leads because you did the work.

Get PPC Leads on Demand

The best thing about PPC advertising is that it has the power to generate leads while you sleep. While it has that power, few seem to get PPC leads around the clock.

You don’t need to struggle with paid search marketing anymore. This article showed you a few helpful tips so you can optimize your lead generation strategies.

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