Helpful Tips for Managing Employees in 2022

Running a business can be tough, and managing employees well can be even tougher. If your employees aren’t happy or are directionless, the entire enterprise can come crashing down around you.

How can you be sure you’re managing properly? Here are a few tips to help you better manage your employees and your business.

Clear Communication

A key aspect of managing employees is to have clear, concise communication. Make certain that the most important information is passed on first, and that it is fully understood.

While having a joking or laid-back relationship with your workers can be fun, it’s more important that they know what you want them to do. Keep instructions clear, concise, and consistent, and your employees will be very happy to work for you.

Use Different Approaches

One size does not fit all when it comes to management! One person may want you to walk them through every bit of training and learning, but they will be an excellent worker. Others may want you to give the bare minimum and then let them to their devices (as long as they’re doing the job correctly).

Some people are excellent remote employees, but others prefer to work in person surrounded by their peers. You may have to balance effective meetings in person with online meetings for some of these workers.

Learn your employees, and learn the type of management style they want! Otherwise, some of them may resent being treated in a way that doesn’t fit their working style.

Balance Your Comments

While it is important to provide correction and negative feedback, it is also very important to provide positive feedback. 

Studies show that an excellent ratio of positive to negative comments is 5:1, or even higher. This means that for every criticism or correction you have to provide to your employees, you should also be providing five compliments or comments about what they are doing well. This is key for good employee management!

Don’t make things awkward or forced here! Tell the employees what they are doing right, and it’ll make it a lot easier to tell them what needs improvement.


On a similar note, encouragement is very important. Make sure you’re pushing your employees to do well and praising them when they succeed.

Some employees will enjoy even the most basic of praise, while others will only want to be complimented or encouraged when they do something particularly difficult. You will have to learn your employees and how they respond to encouragement. The important thing is: build them up!


Your employees also provide feedback to you. It’s important to hear what they have to say, and to ensure you’re keeping their comments in mind.

You don’t necessarily have to follow every suggestion or comment, but employees like knowing that their opinions matter. Listen when they bring problems or suggestions to you, and take their opinions into consideration when you make decisions.

Be Flexible

It might take a while to figure out how to manage your employees, and their management needs may change with time. You should be willing to change your approach and experiment with different styles. Particularly as many companies are now using a hybrid workspace, it’s important to be flexible with your management approach.

Above all else, don’t make one employee feel bad for not being like another. While it would be easier for you to treat everyone the same and never have to change your approach, that’s not reasonable to expect!

Learn By Managing Employees

Overall, you can learn how to better manage your employees by taking care of your employees. Practice makes perfect!

You can figure out what works or doesn’t work for your particular style and business, and go from there. Always be trying to learn and improve how you handle your employees, and you’ll be amazed how it helps your business improve as well.

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