Congo Tetra Fish: The Species Profile

In the area of the Congo River in Africa, there are Old World family members of the hued tetra of South America. These African partners are correspondingly shaded. One of these animal groups is the Congo tetra, which gleams in every one of the shades of the rainbow. This noisy shading is utilized for uncommon romance presentations towards the two guys and females. Read about Congo Tetra Fish below.

Beginning and dissemination 

These African characin fish are found in the upper ranges of the Congo River in Zaire. They populate streams, feeders, pools, and swamps, inclining toward somewhat acidic water. The Congo tetra generally gathers in regions with tall vegetation, barely any trees, and a substrate made out of the sand, residue, and earth. Swimming in huge schools, the tetra benefits from creepy crawlies, scavengers, worms, plant matter, and green growth. 

This species was not found until 1949 and was not imported as an overall aquarium fish until the 1960s. During the 1970s, Florida Fish Farms consummated a rearing line, and most examples found in pet stores plunge from this line. They will create consistent with genuine African fish with every one of the tones and flawlessly laid back tails. 

shading and imprint 

In nature, the fish comes to up to 4 1/2 inches. Be that as it may, ranch-developed assortments, albeit full-winged and loaded with shading, will commonly develop close to 3 or 3 1/2 inches tall. They have long, level bodies with gigantic scopes. This fish shows a stunning luminous gleam along its whole body from back to front. They are typically blue on top, red and gold in the center and blue on the paunch. Guys additionally have long, streaming wings that are purple with white edges; The tail balance of the male is long and streams along the upward average line. 

tank mate 

Congo tetras are tutoring fish that can be concerned on the off chance that they are not a piece of a gathering of no less than six of similar species. Whenever kept with other fish of comparative or more modest size, Congo tetras are by and large serene. Ideal tankmates incorporate different tetras, rainbowfish, and corydoras catfish. 

Keep away from obtrusive species, as they will compromise your Congo Tetra. Try not to keep Congo Tetras with any balance nipping fish as the male’s rich blades will be obliterated. 

Congo Tetra Housing and Care 

Congo tetras are very strong, however just whenever kept with territories that are kept up with accurately. They incline toward stale, profound, delicate, peat-sifted water with low light levels. This can be accomplished with diminished aquarium lights and skimming plants. They incline toward dull substrates and appreciate snacking on plants that become descending. 

To assist your fish with keeping up with wellbeing, you should give them a lot of room and painstakingly separate water. On the off chance that water quality drops, Congo tetras can lose a portion of their shading or end up with harmed plumage. 

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Congo Tetra Diet and Feeding 

Congo Tetras are omnivores; In the wild, they eat creepy crawlies, worms, plant matter, and green growth. As pets, they are not difficult to take care of: They appreciate live, new, and drop food sources just as brackish water shrimp and blood worms. They ought to be taken care of in modest quantities a few times each day. On the off chance that you don’t see your Congo Tetra moving toward the food, don’t stress, as they may avoid taking part while you are watching. In the event that the fish isn’t getting sufficient food, attempt a social food ring. 

sexual orientation segregation 

Guys are considerably more vivid than females; They are essentially bigger and have a more intricate balance structure with a focal extended caudal balance and an enormous and articulated dorsal blade. Females are for the most part brilliant with shades of silver and green. Ladies have no such fanciful wings.

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