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6 Great Toys to Keep Your Pet Occupied at Home

Whether you have pups and kittens or senior petizens, nothing beats having a good toy to keep your fur pals busy when you’re chilling at home. But of course, you can’t just give them your kids’ dolls and action figures and expect them to make-believe. Today, we will look at the best toys made to keep our pets occupied and entertained.

But we’re not just looking for entertainment value. Toys have to be safe for your pets, easy for you to keep clean, and sturdy enough to last them their whole life. So with that to consider, let’s check out the suitable toys for your pet and you.

Chew Toys

Chew toys are excellent for your pets for a variety of reasons. Pets, most commonly dogs, like to gnaw on chew toys for stimulation and relief from boredom. Younger pets may also benefit from chew toys the same way they would with teethers. If you’ve been on the lookout for sales on Shih Tzu puppies, getting a chew toy is one of the first things you should get tol help them get through the pains of growing their teeth.

Aside from just a way to beat boredom, chew toys can also provide ample distraction for your pet to stop them from biting on things like furniture, carpets, or other items. Chew toys can also help pets through anxious times, as biting and chewing their toy can be a way to take their mind off what makes them worried.

There are several types of materials out of which chew toys can be made. Varieties can include rawhide, wood, paper, mineral, and rubber. Each option can be more suitable for one type of animal or breed, and some pets may have a preference when given a choice, so always consider what’s safe and fun for your pet to have!

Squeaky Toys

If you don’t mind the cute noise, you might also want to consider getting a squeaky toy for your friend. It’s great for hours of entertainment as pets are usually very entertained by the fun sounds their toys can make when they bite or bop it.

Squeaky toys also come in a wide variety of shapes and designs. Your dog might prefer one shaped like a bone, and your cat might like the one shaped like a mouse. You might even have a pet that prefers something that looks like a hotdog! There are plenty of ways to let your pet have fun with this toy, and it’s usually a good idea to have more than one.


It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? If humans and pets have one thing in common, it’s their fondness for playing with a nice, bouncy ball. Some pets like smaller ones that they can easily fetch, while others may prefer larger, sturdier ones that they can just push and roll around the floor.

The best thing about having a good ball is it’s very versatile for when it’s playtime for your pet. They can have fun with it on their own, but the joy factor multiplies tenfold once you join in. You can play a bit of footie with it while your dog tries to steal it from you, or you can see how well your cat can catch a ball in mid-air.

Interactive Toys

If there’s one thing that can motivate a pet, it’s the promise of getting a treat. You can find different toys with puzzles and simple contraptions that you can hide their special treat in. These kinds of toys can be a fun little brain teaser for your buddy!

Once they figure it out, they’ll be very proud and delighted to have solved your new puzzle, but the exciting part is getting them to do it again.

Electronic Toys

Electronic toys might sometimes take the fun out of playing with your pet, but if you’re a little busy and want your pet to enjoy their alone time, electronic toys can keep them entertained for hours. Pets of all shapes and sizes will appreciate the wonders of a toy that plays with them even when you’re not around. But don’t be grumpy if they want to play with the toy more than you!

Cat Condos & Dog Playgrounds

If toys aren’t cutting it for your pet, maybe they’re thinking a little bit bigger. Sometimes, having a toy to play with isn’t quite as fun as having an entire space for playing and running around. While it stretches the definition of a toy, a cat condo or a dog playground is one of the best ways to keep your pets occupied at home.

A cat condo functions as both a cat’s resting palace and a personal playground. Cat condos often come with a scratching post that’s always a big hit with cats all over, and you’re sure to find your kitty walking and jumping on the different perches when it’s not just lying around. You can find cat condos in plenty of fun and different designs to suit your feline friend.

A dog playground may require a little more space, but your pet dog, especially if it’s energetic, is sure to enjoy the different playground attractions at their disposal. Whether you put it outside in the yard or inside the living room or den, your pup will always find a new way to have fun.


Toys are essential for pets, both young and old. No matter where they are in life, your pet will always appreciate having a toy that they can play with for fun. And since toys are all different and have different uses, it’s best to figure out what’s best for your pet, so they’ll never have a dull day at home.

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