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What You Need to Do If You’ve Been Attacked by a Dog

Dog attacks can be fierce, deadly, and traumatic, as they can cause fatal physical injuries and emotional distress. Therefore, anyone must be prepared for such attacks beforehand and understand what steps one must follow to ensure their safety and get appropriate assistance. People are often unaware of these guidelines; that’s why they get more hurt. Fortunately, this article will explain to you all that you must do when you are caught in such a situation.

Prioritize Your Safety

If you haven’t been attacked yet, but a dog is near you, you must first look for the signs to know whether it is aggressive. However, if you have been attacked already, the priority must be to ensure your safety and minimize the risk of further harm. It is better if you find a shelter to separate yourself from the dog if the dog is showing further aggression. You may try seeking higher ground, entering a nearby building, or climbing onto an object out of the dog’s reach. Creating a physical barrier between you and the dog reduces the likelihood of additional attacks and gives you time to assess the situation.

Seek Medical Attention

One must promptly seek medical attention when a dog bites them. This is because dog bites can cause deep wounds, infection, nerve damage, and other complications. If you get an injury that you think is minor, you must not ignore it and get it checked by a healthcare professional to prevent potential health issues. Contact emergency services or visit the nearest hospital for immediate medical care. The medical professionals will evaluate your injuries, clean, and dress any wounds, and provide necessary treatments such as tetanus shots or antibiotics to prevent infection.

Report the Incident

It is ideal to report that you have been attacked by a dog to the relevant authorities, like the local law enforcement departments or animal controls. These authorities will require information such as the location where you were attacked, the details about the dog, and whether you knew the dog’s owner or handler. This report will help create a record of the incident and ensure appropriate actions are taken to prevent future attacks. It is better to report the incident to authorities because you alert the authorities by doing so and that helps in keeping others safe.

Preserve Medical Records and Bills

Once you have had the medical treatment, you must keep detailed records of all medical treatments, prescriptions, and related expenses resulting from the dog attack. These records will be essential for insurance claims or potential legal proceedings. You should also retain copies of bills, receipts, and medical reports as evidence of the financial impact caused by the attack, as maintaining thorough records can substantiate your claims.

Consult with an Attorney

It is recommended to consult with a personal injury attorney when pursuing a dog bite lawsuit to protect yourself further. Such attorneys provide guidance, assess your legal options, and help you seek various forms of compensation for medical expenses and other damages due to the attack. They will even navigate the legalities in the entire case for you and help protect your rights. They will review your case, negotiate with insurance companies or opposing parties, and represent your interests to ensure a fair resolution.

Take Steps to Prevent Future Attacks

It is important to take preventive measures to reduce the risk of future incidents once you have experienced a dog attack. If you ever encounter an aggressive dog, you must not move in a panicky manner or make loud noises. Moreover, it will be better if you stay cautious around unfamiliar dogs, especially if they display signs of aggression or anxiety. Along with all that, it will be better if you educate yourself about dog body language and predict their behavior. Therefore, you may consider attending dog training or behavior classes to learn all that and prevent potential attacks. 


To conclude, experiencing a dog attack can be traumatizing and overwhelming. However, if you follow the necessary steps outlined above, you can guarantee your safety, seek appropriate medical care, and take appropriate legal steps. Once you are prepared and informed, you can navigate the aftermath of a dog attack with greater confidence and protect yourself from potential harm in the future.

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