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If you want to adopt Great Dane in India and looking for Great Dane Price in India it’s varies from Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000. Great Danes are some of the most uncommon species that you will find in a rare number in your area. One of the most common reasons why great Danes are not chosen extensively is because of the giant size that they become into and also because of the intimidating expressions that they offer. However, if you ask someone who has spent time with Great Dane, then you will know that these dogs are amazing instead of scary. 

Length:Female: 28–32 inches (71–81 cm), Male: 30–34 inches (76–86 cm)
Weight:Female: 99–130 lbs (45–59 kg), Male: 120–200 lbs (54–90 kg)
Life Span:8 – 10 years
Colors:Black, Brindle, Fawn, Mantle, Harlequin, Blue
Price In India: Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000

Great Dane Price in India

Great Dane price in India varies from Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000 in Indian Rupees. Price of Great Dane dog breeds in India are mainly depends upon breeders in your area and cities. You can easily buy or adopt Great Dane in Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Kerala, Chennai, Kolkata and other major cities of India.

Even when they have goofy personalities, they are one of those amazing dogs that have the courage and intelligence which has been inherited from their roots of being hunting dogs. However, if you are looking for the Great Dane price, you must know that it will be mostly on the higher side. So, here we will talk about the reasons that make Great Dane a perfect choice for your family. 

They are found relaxing most of the time: 

Irrespective of their gigantic size, Great Danes are one of those excellent species that can fit perfectly in the house of busy members. The reason is that it is said to be a perfect fit for such families as they have a very low need for exercising. They would definitely love to pay with the owners, along with can become uncontrollable at times. However, it is very easy to calm them down, and they would like to spend most of the time on a big couch where they can fit perfectly. 

They are great with children: 

If you have children in your house and are planning to bring a Great Dane but thinking if it is a great decision or not, then you are fortunate enough that yes, they are. They have a very tolerant and gentle personality that makes them one of the best choices for your children. Their outgoing, friendly, and nonaggressive nature are some of the best traits that make a great family dog. Even there are times you will find them forgetting about their sizes and hence your kids must be aware of it. 

They can keep up with almost everything: 

Well, even when not everything but almost everything. However, you must know that because of the powerful builds and strides, they sprint very fast. These breeds were originally used for the purpose of hunting deers and boars and they have the power to run unbelievably fast. This resulted in making hunting easy for them. The speed and physical strength have been inherited from the ancient breed. Thus, if you want a great running partner, you must take a Great Dane to inspire you throughout. 

They can be trained and are smart: 

Great Danes have a very goofy personality. You will sometimes find them doing some silly activities; however, they are very sensitive and intelligent in nature. They have the habit of bonding very easily with kids and family, and their nature of pleasing makes them the best family dogs. Besides, they are one of those rare species that can be trained pretty easily. However, they have a stubborn nature which shows up as per their mood change. 

They are very loyal: 

Even when most people would be intimidated by the look, they are one of the most amazing features is that they have the protective instinct. These are very loyal breeds that can be a good choice when it comes to ensuring the protection of the families. Irrespective of the family size, they can be a great guard dog that can intimidate just anyone. You can stay assured that thieves won’t be taking even your lane if they have the knowledge of the presence of Great Dane at your house. 

They are brave and fearless: 

Great Danes have the tendency of not giving up and which is the reason why they are said to be a great choice for the war. This is what makes them great working dogs. The brave, outgoing personality of the dog makes them a good choice and helps them to explore a lot of things. 

Bottom Line:

Even when there are many other breeds available in the market if you are looking for one of the top breeds that can be a good choice for your family and kids, then Great Danes are definitely the best choice. If you want to know the Great Dane price in India, you can check with your nearest breeder. They can offer you the best breed at the most reasonable prices. So get one for you and enjoy having great security at your home. 

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