How To Improve Health & Safety In The Workplace

Every employer needs to make sure that they are providing a safe work environment for their employees. Not only is this a legal obligation, but it is also a moral duty as you will want to do all that you can to protect your staff and keep them safe. When you know how to improve health and safety in the workplace and create a culture of safety, it will allow everyone to work with confidence each day and boost morale. This is good for staff, but it is also good for the business and could improve performance. So, how can you improve health and safety in the workplace?

Risk Assessment

A good place to start is with a risk assessment carried out by an outside specialist. They will be able to highlight what the current hazards are in your workplace and guide you on what steps you can take to either remove these hazards or mitigate their impact.

Staff Training

Often, accidents happen in the workplace due to staff error or negligence. This is why every staff member needs to be trained so that they can carry out their role safely, be aware of the hazards with each task and know what to do if there is ever an accident. This training should be revisited periodically so that it stays fresh in everyone’s mind.

Equipment Maintenance

Another reason that accidents happen is due to faulty equipment. Therefore, you need to stick to the maintenance schedule for each piece of equipment and make sure that any repairs are carried out ASAP. You may also have to upgrade the equipment occasionally, which could improve safety and performance. 


Staff should be supplied with PPE that will offer protection while carrying out dangerous work. It will depend on the type of work, but this could include goggles, masks, hardhats, gloves, and steel-capped shoes, just as a few examples.

First Aid Supplies

It is vital that your business has a fully-stocked first aid kit at all times, and you have at least one person that is trained in first aid. As a large business, you can easily run out of first aid, which is why you should have multiple kits and order bulk first aid supplies online. This should ensure that you always have bandages, plasters, eye care, CPR supplies, skincare, and other key items.


It is important for health and safety to have Do Not Enter Sign around the workplace, especially in hazardous areas. Not only will this communicate important messages to those that are new to the building, but it will also keep health and safety at the forefront of people’s minds when working, and this is key for avoiding accidents.

These are a few of the best ways to improve health and safety in the workplace. Employers need to do all that they can to protect staff, mitigate hazards, and create a safety of culture in the workplace. When you can do this, you will reduce the chance of an accident occurring, and everyone can come into work feeling safe and confident each day.