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Here is How To Create a Greener Workplace for You & Your Customers

It is great to see that both customers and businesses are adopting a greener outlook and it has a very positive effect on the environment that surrounds us. People are becoming less selfish and when they make a decision, they don’t just think about what the outcome would be for them but they think about what the repercussions will be for society in general. Customers are now demanding more from their retailers and suppliers and they will vote with their feet if the business is not making any attempt to become greener. The thing that businesses need to remember is that becoming a greener business doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot more money to reach your green goals. It allows you to reduce your energy costs while also minimising the businesses impact on the environment as a whole.

One excellent example of doing the right thing for the environment is businesses making a concerted effort to use oil water separators to remove oil  and other harmful substances from water so that it doesn’t damage the water table below it. Everything in life including business is all about making small changes in your business practices that promotes a much healthier and more environmentally aware planet. The following are just some of the things that your business can do to create a greener workplace for both you and your customers.

  • Try to save energy – This has more to do with awareness and anything else because people get in the habit of walking from office to office and right through the shop floor without turning off lights behind them as they go. Many businesses are now installing sensors so that when there is no staff member in a particular section of the business then the lights will turn themselves off automatically. This cuts down on their overall energy costs and it definitely lowers greenhouse gas emissions. It is also a good idea to schedule any overtime that you want your employees to do for the evening time when electricity is offered at a cheaper price. You can then use portable air conditioners to save yourself further energy and money.
  • Generate your own power – There really is no excuse anymore from businesses to be using power off the great to provide them with the light that they need. Solar lights with their own panels are readily available and can be installed in only a matter of minutes. Even on cloudy days these panels are able to get enough energy to power the lights for the evening shift. It is also a good idea to get your staff into the habit of turning off electronics and machinery that they are not using because over the course of a year, this amounts to significant saving in both electricity and money.

If you look into it a little bit more there might be programs and incentives offered by your local government to encourage you to cut down on your energy use and some governments offer grants to allow you to change your current lights to LED lights or solar lights.

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