5 Ways A Portable Air Conditioner Can Save You Money

Summer is rapidly approaching, and with it, the scorching heat. While there are several precautions one can take against the heat, getting an air-conditioner should certainly figure at the top of the list. It is one of the best ways to prevent, or at least mitigate, some common effects of the blistering heat like dehydration, sunburns, and prickly heat. 

However, before buying an AC, it is important to understand the associated costs. While the general presumption would be that an AC comes hand in hand with high electricity bills, there are ways to manage the electricity bills that come with AC use. Read on to know more about portable ACs and how they can help save money. 

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Spot Cooling 

With a portable AC, there is no need to have separate AC units installed in different rooms of the house, especially if there aren’t multiple occupants that use different rooms at the same time. A portable AC provides cooling wherever required, whenever required. 

Energy Saving

A portable AC ensures effective cooling while also keeping the electricity bills in check. A portable AC can consume a lower amount of energy since its cooling is concentrated towards a single room, instead of your entire home or office. This low power consumption translates into low electricity costs. 

Multi functional

Portable ACs have different settings for different times of the year – not just the sweltering heat. You don’t need to splurge on additional devices to provide a comfortable atmosphere to your home. These include a dehumidifier for the rains, a heater for the cold winters, and a fan for the spring days. A portable AC is an investment year-round, making it the ideal companion for the home. 

Supplement your central system

With the burden of cooling your home year-round, your central AC can rack up high electricity costs. In such cases, a portable AC is a perfect solution. You can turn the temperature of your central AC system up, while using your portable AC to supplement the cooling in one specific area or room. Thus, instead of paying through your nose to have the central AC cool your entire home, you can make use of a portable system. 

Smart Features 

One of the problems that plagues every home during the summer is the heat that welcomes one when they open the door. After a long day of work, a hot home is the last thing one would want. Fortunately, portable ACs come with some of the same functions that a central cooling system does: programmable timers that pre-cool an area. 

Unlike a central cooling system, however, a portable AC consumes far less energy. Depending upon the individual’s requirement, the portable AC can begin cooling a room or an area before they arrive home. This feature is especially useful in case there are pets in the house during the day. 


For the reasons stated above, the portable AC is a great choice for those looking for effective and lasting cooling while also budgeting the cost for the same. Equipped with a host of features and easy to operate, a portable AC offers a host of perks to consumers. 

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