Split AC vs Window AC- Which One should you Purchase

If you are looking to bring home an air conditioner (AC) this summer, then you may be confused between split and window AC. It is not only about the AC type but a lot more things that you should consider while making your choice. 

A Lloyd AC or any other AC brand should be purchased considering it will work for 10 years without issues. Thus, it is a must that you make the right decision between the split and window AC. Read on!

Split AC Vs Window AC – Here’s how you may choose

Choosing between a split and window AC confuses a lot of people. But if you will consider one from an energy efficiency perspective, then there is no preferred choice. Yes, both window and split can be efficient equally. What matters is the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of the AC. EER denotes the frequency of cooling an AC is able to provide per watt of electricity units it consumes. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) rates ACs on EER Star Rating. Higher is the AC’s EER; higher will be its Star Rating. The concept is clear that a 5 Star rated AC will provide you with more cooling per watt of power consumed compared to a 4 Star AC. In this respect, both window and split air conditioners can come with higher EER ratios. However, it is also observed that split AC comes with more models across brands with 5 Star BEE ratings than window ones. Hence, if you are looking to buy an AC that may also let you save even more on power bills for years to come, then it will be a great choice to go for a split AC. 

The key difference between the two is that window units come with single units but split ACs are loaded with 2 units. What’s more, a split Lloyd AC and other brand is a lot more silent in operation than window ones, and they also look aesthetically pleasing. But installing a split AC may be a bit complicated than a window and need more space. 

What other factors to consider while buying a window AC or split AC?

Other than choosing between a window AC and split AC, you should also give equal importance to some other key aspects to help you buy the ideal one, such as: 

  • The size of the room – For a small room, a 1 ton AC will do good and a 1.5 ton and more for a medium to large sized ones. 
  • The number of occupants in the room – Humans emits heat and your AC may not work if there are more people in the room, and the tonnage of the AC is lesser.
  • Amount of things and electrical appliances in the room – An AC works to cool down everything that is available in a room and only human beings. Thus, it may be strained if there are more items to be cooled. What’s more, the presence of electrical appliances in the room may also hamper its performance as all emit heat. Thus, you should keep the AC room lighter with minimal things so that it does not strain the AC and you won’t need to pay hefty electricity bills per month. 
  • Wall facing sunlight – You should also check if the wall where you want to install the AC is facing sunlight or not. If yes, then it may make your Lloyd AC or any other brand may be strained as it may increase the room heating. Thus, always check if the wall where you want to install an AC is warm or hot before the installation. 

By considering the discussed factors, you may now be in a better position to decide between a split AC and window AC and may bring home the best one as per your budget.

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