7 Tips to Make the Best Impression with Business Stationery

With so many businesses turning to digital mediums, you may think that paper and print are no longer necessary. But that could not be any further from the truth. It’s as important now as ever to have impressive business stationery.

These simple pieces of paper can show off and market the business, cement the brand, and help reach new customers. The right business stationery is key to business branding.

Need help making an impression? Worry not! Here are seven tips that will help your business stationery make the best first impression.

1. Keep Everything Uniform

If you have a strong business brand, this should come as no surprise. A consistent brand is the key to consistent business. Consistent branding means your customers will be able to recognize your company at a glance.

This is especially true with printed business stationery like business cards, notepads, or stickers. Even letterheads and envelopes should follow suit. Consistency gives the impress of organization and professionalism.

Keeping these elements uniform means staying consistent with all design elements and the feeling of your brand and company. If you’re updating your branding, new business stationery is a great place to reveal a new design.

But you want to be sure that all of your old elements are also redesigned to communicate the update.

2. Get Clever with Color

Color is one of the recognizable ways to identify a brand or business. Think about specific colors or color combinations and what businesses they bring to mind. You want your business to do the same.

There is nothing familiar or noticeable about black and white. Your business will blend in at best and won’t have recognition at worst. So get creative with the colors you use for your branding.

You want the colors you choose to be eye-catching without being overwhelming. Sticking to a palette of at most three colors can make a bold impression without muddling the design.

Be sure to use color to highlight important information. For example, the name or logo of your brand or any contact information or websites customers can visit.

3. Quality Materials Make a Statement

Though the world may be digital, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in print media. With printed branding, you want to make a statement, and using quality materials is one of the best ways to do that.

Think of passing a business card as a handshake. A weak and floppy handshake doesn’t inspire much confidence, and neither will a weak and floppy business card.

High-quality materials like thick letter stock will make a much better impression than cards printed on standard printer paper. Quality materials will also create a better-looking finished product than cheap photocopy paper.

You can also make a statement with raised ink. This creates a tactile element to your stationery that will allow you to stand out from the competition. Check out Commercial Printing – Thermography Raised Ink for more information.

4. Double, Triple, Quadruple Check

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to check your design before sending it to print. 

Printed stationery for business is often printed in large quantities. The last thing you want is to see a mistake after receiving hundreds or thousands of pieces.

Before sending your design to print, double, triple, and quadruple, check your design.

Make sure that your contact details like phone number, email, and website are correct. Make sure you have the right business address listed. Ensure all names are spelled correctly and paired with the right contact information.

And most importantly, ensure that your business has the correct spelling. You also want to check your graphic design like colors, font sizes, and kerning to make sure all the written information is easily readable.

Only after multiple checks should you send your design to print.

5. Choose the Right Font

You may already have fonts that you use for your marketing. But if you’re going through a redesign or starting a business, choosing the right font is essential for good marketing.

Firstly, you’ll want to choose either serif or sans serif. Serif fonts are more traditional, while sans serifs have a more modern feel. Serif fonts are also better for large logos, while sans serifs are easier for smaller prints.

Speaking of font size, you want to strike a balance between readable and overwhelming. Remember that fonts can look different in different sizes. So you may need to adjust your font size for the best design.

You may also want to choose a font with a large font family. Font families are variations of the font that have similar resemblances. This may mean bold, outlined, or italics.

Choosing a font with variations means having more options while maintaining your business’s branding.

6. Think About Borders and Layouts

Each piece of business stationery you have will require different layouts. For example, a business card will need a different design than a letterhead. The different layout requirements are an opportunity for you to get creative.

You’ll also want to consider the border for your stationery. Consider the difference between a full border and a graphic border. You may also consider a header and footer or background graphics.

A full border includes color and design that’s place around all the outside edges of the paper to create a square shape. A graphic border is similar but does not create a solid square shape.

Headers are designs at only the top, while footers are designs only at the bottom. The two designs may be combined in one piece of stationery. Background graphics are low-contrast designs across the entire stationery.

7. Order an Entire Set

You may think you only need business cards or only need letterheads. But it’s good marketing to have an entire set of branded business stationery. After all, you never know when you’re going to want or need a certain piece.

Business cards are great to pass out to interested customers or other business associates. But branded pens or notepads can often stick around much longer for most people.

It’s a good idea to order an entire set, so you always have the right piece of stationery to market your business.

Better Branding with Business stationery

As a business, getting your name out there is important for success. You do everything you can to create the perfect brand to represent your business. But if you forget business stationery, you’re doing your business a disservice.

Though it may seem like you should focus on digital marketing, business stationery is still an area you should invest in. Make an impression on business stationery, and you’re only cementing and furthering your brand.

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