Basics of Hikoki Drill Machine

The most common use of a drill machine is for making round holes through metal, wood, or other surfaces. They can also be used for spot facing, tapping, counterboring.

They are also used as driving fasteners. It is a tool of high significance used in a workshop. Drilling is a process of cutting or material removal by making a cross-sectional hole in solid materials.

The main parts of a drilling machine are:

  • Pillar – a movement of the arm is possible because of it
  • Arm – It carries the drill head
  • Base – It balances the weight of the machine
  • Drill head – Drill chuck is mounted over it
  • Chucks – It holds the drill jigs
  • Spindle – It helps to hold the drill chuck
  • Gears – They are used to transmit power and get different speed
  • Electric motor – It is a single-phase ac motor for drilling

These parts have particular functions for drilling. If you are going to buy a machine for drilling, then Hikoki Drill Machine will serve all the purposes.

Key features of the Machine

Here are the reasons why the Hikoki Machine is the best for drilling.

  • Drilling machines of Hikoki have zero load speed.
  • It provides a warranty of 6 months for the product.
  • It has a weight of 1.4 kg and 270 mm in length.
  • The capacity provided for concrete and steel is 13 mm, while for wood is 20 mm.
  • They have a feature of reverse rotation and consume the power of 550 W.
  • The chuck is keyless and of 1.5-13 mm.

Apart from these, they have cylindrical housing for durability. The trigger can vary the speed. Lever switch provides the feature of reversibility. Both the key and keyless chucks are available in Hikoki Drill Machine.


Based on the purpose, the machines are classified into the following categories:

  • Sensitive – They can be used to adjust the applied pressure
  • Portable – These are used to drill small holes and easily carried
  • Radial – It is used for heavy and large workpieces
  • Upright – They are used to drill medium or larger holes as compared to sensitive machines.
  • Multiple spindles – These are used to drill more than one hole at a time

The use of drill machines has become large in construction, transportation, medical and electronic equipment. The Hikoki machines serve the best of these purposes and are used in most of the workshops.

Variety of Purposes Served

Different kinds of the drill are used for different applications to construct holes of various sizes in several materials. Different companies vary the capability and features. Everyone in their workshop or home needs the features and variety of Hikoki Drill Machine. 

The two most common types of drilling which serves a variety of purposes are:

  • Auger Drilling – Such drilling is done in the soft ground by rotation. It is cheap and fast drilling for soft materials
  • Percussion rotatory air blast drilling – Such drilling is used in the exploration of minerals. The mineral industry uses this heavy drilling in rocks.

The machine can serve both the needs depending upon the material to drill into.

Wide Use

The drill machines are not only used at a workshop. They can also be kept at home. The important aspect of this machine is that it is handy and can be kept anywhere without making the storage hectic. Furthermore, Hikoki drill machines are easily maintainable and have a warranty in case of any early damage.

These machines are widely used in many areas and are trusted by many people. The features are one of the best provided by any drill machine. These are available at any retail shop, or you can buy them online at your convenience.

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