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The Difference between Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience

With the growth of cloud technologies, Organizations are looking forward to switching from their legacy CRM to other CRM that have a centralized and integrated structure. Salesforce CRM solves these challenges by offering a centralized and single easy-to-use platform for businesses. This centralized arrangement of storing and retrieving data with ease helps in enhancing productivity and boost sales of the firms. Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based CRM that helps the business in streamlining their operations and helps them to grow more efficiently. Salesforce is the world’s number #1 CRM in the market that is beneficial for small, medium-sized, and enterprise-level businesses. These features of Salesforce has led to a great demand for Salesforce development company that can provide Salesforce consulting services like Salesforce custom application development, Salesforce CPQ consulting, etc.

Salesforce Classic and Lighting Intro

Salesforce offers two major versions, Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning. Salesforce Classic is only a name given to differentiate between the new User Interface and the old User Interface. Earlier the Salesforce classic was amongst the top-rated CRM platform in the world. But now, the UI of the Salesforce Classic is outdated as many of the graphical elements are available in low resolutions. Also, Salesforce has ended the new features enrollment for Salesforce classic.

Salesforce Lightning was announced at the Dreamforce conference in 2014 and was fully rolled out in 2016. Today Lightning Experience has a far more superior UI than Classic. It is an entire framework that provides detailed and low-code options for creating advanced cross-platform apps and offers access to visually rich tools for real-time business analytics. Lightning also provides a consistent experience across all the devices that users utilize to work in Salesforce.

In the study, Forrester found that deploying Lightning Experience obtained a return on investment (ROI) of 475 percent over three years.

Salesforce Classic vs Lighting

Salesforce updated versions i.e. Salesforce Lightning had caught a lot of buzz in the past years. Both the version, Classic, and Lightning are very capable and have their own set of features and advantages. To provide better clarity, let us discuss the difference between Salesforce Classic and Lightning experience


It is one of the major differences between Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Classic. Salesforce Lightning is far more superior as its cutting edge, efficient, and smarter interface provides better flexibility. It has a drag and drop feature that helps the Salesforce Admin to add, remove or edit the page component according to their liking.

Home Page Improvements

The home page in Salesforce Lightning can present more information now such as news about your leads and key deals, and performance charts. These features were not available in Salesforce Classic. Furthermore, in the lightning environment, the home page can be more customized and display the required information according to the users.


The lightning version is more secured as it contains several enhanced security features such as Locker Service. Locker service is a powerful security architecture that enhances security by separating the lightning component from one another.


Salesforce lightning contains Lightning Report builder tools that help in creating customized and improved report charts. You can group, filter, and summarizes different records to answer various questions.

Einstein (Wave) Analytics

While the Lightning UI is alone far more superior than the classic, it also has access to a new feature known as Einstein (Wave) Analytics reporting.

If we talk about Einstein Analytics in detail, it is a Salesforce product that is used for data exploration and visualization. Einstein Analytics has its own database pulled from Salesforce that is refreshed automatically every hour. When someone opens a dashboard to view a metric, the most recent data refresh is shown. It gives deeper insights from large and complex data than pre-built reports and dashboards in Salesforce CRM.


Both Salesforce Classic and Lightning are great versions and have their own set of features for business growth. However, the Salesforce Lightning is much better as compared to Classic as it has got a wider range of features. In a nutshell, we can say that as Salesforce Lightning got a lot of features, so it is a better move to switch to Lightning now. If your firm is looking for salesforce application development company, contact Hexaview – Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner. Feel free to reach out to us hello@hexaviewtech.com with any questions and we look forward to hearing from you.

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