Make Gmail work like Outlook

Are you like me you in that you really miss some of the natural ability of MS Outlook to keep you organized throughout your day but you are on the go or you don’t have a MS Exchange server at your small business or at home?

You can make yourself a nice portable office suite for email and productivity. I have used the following:

  1. Portable Firefox 3 beta 3 from
  2. Gmail and Google Calendar.
  3. Account with Remember the Milk (RTM)
  4. Remember the Milk Firefox Gmail extension
  5. Remember the Milk for Google Calendar
  6. Firefox extension Better GCal
  7. Greasemonkey Firefox extension
  8. Greasemonkey script Gmail Addons

I know this seems like a lot of different applications to use to accomplish this but many of you may already have some if not all of these applications and extensions. Once you have all of the above the way to accomplish what I show above which is having my Gmail open with my (RTM) Remember the Milk to do list open to the right and my Google Calendar open below with my (RTM) entries listed. Many people share their email with different names that times its necessary to convert email to Gmail and also attaching emails to Gmail’s.

What I have done is run a Greasemonky script called Gmail Addons so that when I open my Gmail I am able to choose from a couple of new choices in the top left of the window one of which is “Calendar” what this does instead of opening a new window to Googles Calendar it will open it in the same framed window that is already open either in the bottom portion or to the right. There is an really smart addition to this script that the author has added which is a “Prefs” button in the top left choices. When you click on that you can set where the “Calendar” will open either to the right of Gmail or to the bottom of the page, you can set how much of the screen it will occupy etc… If you couple that capability along with what the Firefox extension Better GCal does which is to add arrows that will collapse the left and top of Google Calendar to allow you to see more of the Calendar and not all those ads and other junk unless you need them.

Finally in order to see you to do list and interact with (RTM) in Gmail you will need the Firefox extension listed above. It allows you once installed to have the list to the right of Gmail but it also allows you to collapse it if you do not need it to maximize your space for email.