Awesome Tricks You Need to Teach Your Bengal cat

Cats have always been understood as those pets who would really not care about what they do and what they have been instructed to do. Well, that is what most people who do not own a cat think! But it is completely untrue. At least in the case of Bengal cats! This breed of cats is really active and also loves playing fetch just like dogs and this makes them one of the breeds everyone loves having at their home. They are not only smart but are also quite active, unlike other pet cats. Here are some awesome tricks you need to teach your Bengal cat! After all, these cats try to find a lot of new things to do and learning a lot of new tricks will definitely help them grow together with their master. Now get these 3 tricks up your sleeve to get the best out of your pet!

Supplies you need to make available before training your cats:

Training needs a lot more than just giving commands to your cats. You need to assure you provide proper rewards and are keeping them encouraged to learn new tricks in order to succeed in this mission. However, you only need some supplies which you can easily find in your house in order to train your cat well. Here is a list of the supplies you need to make sure you have before you go ahead with the training.

  • Bag of treats
  • Target stick
  • A clicker

Top tricks you need to teach your Bengal Cats:

1. Purring on command:

Cat is a being who loves to do what they want, when they want, as it had been aforementioned. However, it is important to train your cat to only purr when you give them command. This is actually one of the tricks which would need a lot of time investment so make sure you are free to train your cat.

Steps to train:

  • Reward your cat for each time it purrs on its own.
  • Once your kitty starts purring as a response to the treats, start purring at her until you get a response back.
  • Give treats to your cat until you find that your cat is purring on your command and once you think the training is almost done, you can slowly reduce the number of treats provided and then putting a halt to it!

2. Sitting upon two legs:                

Learning this trick is not a piece of cake but you can definitely try it out, as Bengal cats are absolutely adorable when they do this trick.

Steps to train:

  • Hold a treat higher than the cat’s height and keep it stable.
  • Your cat will now probably try to snatch the treat from your hands. At this moment hide it from her and keep doing this until your cat touches the snack with her mouth.
  • Keeping on increasing the height of the snack bit by bit as she reaches the treat
  • You will now notice after few trials that your cat has sat on two legs. Now give the treat and click. After a few days of practice, add in the command “sit up†to make your cat realize it is time to sit up.

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3. Laying down:

Bengal cats being a pet who has energy filled in them, it is quite hard to make them lie down. However, you need not worry as these simple steps will help you get through it easily.

Steps to train:

  • Hold a snack near to your cat such that it can smell the snack.
  • Now slowly close your fist when your cat tries to snatch it from you.
  • Put the snack down on the floor such that the cat starts to lie down
  • After few trials, your cat will start laying down and that is when you click and give your pet a snack.
  • Now, wait for a few days and then add in a cue word which your cat will follow to understand it needs to lie down.

That is it! Now you can try these three simple tricks and train your Bengal cat! If you are trying to find one for your friends or family then now you can find a Bengal cat for sale in India near you with the help of DreamPet. You can also ask for experts to help you train your cat alongwith getting all the essential needs for your cat all at one stop!


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