Rhinoplasty and Some Important Aspects To Consider:

Rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery in which part of the nose or the nasal septum itself is modified. However, Dr. Maria , specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at Hayatmed Hospital. This link will open in a new window , indicating that it also entails other advantages that affect mental and physical health.

Some important aspects that one must consider are:

1. Realistic Expectations: Rhinoplasty can improve health, appearance, and even self-esteem, but it will not make you look like another person or make others treat you differently.

2. Psychological / emotional stability: rhinoplasty should only be performed in emotionally stable patients.

3. Good health: to avoid complications and as in any surgery, it is important that you have good health conditions.

4. Fully Formed Nose:  The nose is fully formed to its final size and shape. Therefore, the approximate recommended age to perform a rhinoplasty is from 17 or 18 years old, and somewhat more in men.

Rhinoplasty intervention summary file

This table with the data of the rhinoplasty intervention are indicative. For more information, you can request an appointment with our specialists on the phone 900 10 22 74, or request an appointment online.

RHINOPLASTY:               Nose surgery

DURATION INTERVENTION:   between 1 and 2 hours

ANESTHESIA USED:                Local with sedation / general anesthesia

POSTOPERATIVE:               Rest 1-2 days. One week before starting work.

HOSPITAL STAYS:               It’s not necessary.

HIGH MEDICAL:               6 months

What should we know before having nose surgery?

Our specialist tells us that rhinoplasty can be assessed if we are faced with these situations:

We need a more proportionate face

If we have physical sequelae from an accident

We suffer apnea

We detect breathing difficulties

Rhinoplasty aesthetic operation

The advice of the doctor is, above all, ” choose the right professionals .” Patients are often afraid of surgical interventions, therefore, it will give us more security to have “good hands”, which are backed by great experience in aesthetic operations.

It is also important that we are sure that we want to operate our nose and that we are aware of the causes and consequences of our decision. “The reason why someone ends up opting for this option is in the benefits that they will obtain after the process,” the doctor explains, adding that “an improvement in health and self-confidence is achieved . “

Benefits of rhinoplasty in patients

Through this facial surgery, aesthetically visible results are obtained, and others of a psychological nature, imperceptible at first glance. We are going to know the details of these benefits after getting a nose job in Turkey

Forget the traumas and marks of an accident

Unfortunately, one of the reasons for nose jobs is the aftermath of car accidents. The patients who usually visit the hospital for rhinoplasty have faced some serious accidents that have deformed their face. So, they want to look beautiful again. From his experience, García-Dihinx comments: “they decide to undergo rhinoplasty to regain their previous appearance and thus turn the page of such a traumatic memory “.

And he adds that “it has been shown that many injured have been able to overcome certain typical psychological consequences of a traffic accident” after undergoing this surgery.

Knock down complexes because of our nose

Sometimes our nose can be very large or with bumps, and we are clear that an arrangement would bring us a total change in the face. These are small imperfections, which we have from birth, and they can cause us great complexes.

Functional benefits for Rhinoplasty:

Respiratory problems

Resolve birth defects

Reconstruction of the nose in case of injury or accident.

Fix snoring problems

Who is a rhinoplasty recommended for?

Rhinoplasty is a fairly simple operation in expert hands and is very common. But, it is important to be clear about which are the most appropriate candidates to undergo it.

“There are many patients who have felt insecure when they perceive that their faces lost symmetry because they were born with a crooked nose ,” our specialist reveals. For this reason, rhinoplasty opens the possibility of eliminating these imperfections and that they stop being a problem.

Rhinoplasty, before and after

Gain confidence and security

The specialist tells us that she has observed “an improvement in health and confidence” in patients after the operation. At first it is difficult to undergo a nose operation, but later it is discovered that the results are as desired.

And it is that, as has been proven, the aesthetic benefit in the nose implies, in turn, a better perception of ourselves and our decisions. “They project a firmness that can easily open the doors to more possibilities,” explains Dr.

Cure breathing problems like apnea

There are deviations of the nasal septum that cause breathing difficulties and apneas. Also for these cases the option of rhinoplasty can be evaluated. “The results are usually very good, returning the person to an adequate level of health”, explains the Dr. 

Although the operating room and the recovery time generate some fear, it is important that we assess its benefits and go to a professional to treat our case.

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