Advantages of Salt Water Pools

More and more people are installing swimming pools in their homes to beat the summer heat. Companies offer many shapes and designs to build your dream pool. You can even choose between salt water and chlorine pools.

Recently many people are choosing saltwater pools for their homes. Even though it has its cons, saltwater offers many advantages over a chlorinated pool. You need to consider a variety of factors before choosing which type of pool suits you the best.

Let us see what advantages the saltwater pools provide to us.

Saltwater has a gentle effect on the body

Our skin absorbs the chlorine present in chlorine pools. Even being in the pool for a small duration can cause itching on our skin. It damages the hair scalp and can also bring about a change in your hair color. Your will become brittle and may even start breaking.

Our skin protects from these chemicals, but the presence of excess chlorine can make it difficult. Saltwater pools offer a lot of relief from this situation. It has a very low amount of chemicals present in it and therefore does not affect our body much.

You do not require chemical storage

In a chlorine pool, you need to store chemicals like chlorine for your water treatment. These chemicals can be difficult and dangerous to store. They require a lot of safety and can cause injuries if you don’t store them properly.

Saltwater pools provide benefit in this issue as you don’t have to store any such chemicals. A saltwater generator produces chlorine using electrolysis. Moreover, only a small amount of chemicals are required. It also reduces the level of chlorine in the water and provides relief to your body.

Saltwater pools require low maintenance 

Chlorine is produced by salt cells in the saltwater pool. It is produced in relatively small quantities and only when it is needed. As a result, the water and the structure of your pool come in very less exposure to the chlorine.

Thus chlorine has a shallow effect on the water and the structure. It becomes quite easy to maintain both the water and the structure because of this. Thus the maintenance cost becomes less, and we don’t have to spend a fortune. Outdoor pools Perth provide the best pools maintenance services in Australia.

Saltwater reduces the risk of health issues

Children love playing in the pool, and it is necessary to ensure that they are safe while doing so. No one wants to compromise with the health of their kids. In a chlorinated pool, there is a high quantity of chlorine which can cause health hazards. It can cause lung inflammation and skin rashes. It also affects the eyes of a child.

In a saltwater pool, the amount of chlorine is considerably low, and it is much safer to use. The chance of getting these conditions is small. One must make sure to protect their eyes and should not swallow the pool water. Thus saltwater provides better safety.

Saltwater pools have soft water 

Saltwater does not have a lot of active chemicals in it. It has a considerably low amount of chemicals which makes the water quite soft and silky for you. Chlorine can cause irritation and rashes on your skin, but saltwater has a very gentle effect on your skin. It makes the pool safe to use for children too. There is no risk of severe health problems.

Saltwater pools stop algae growth 

It’s very sunny and humid during the summertime, if you skip maintenance for two or three days, it can lead to the growth of algae in your pool and contaminate the water.

The generator in saltwater pools automatically distributes the chlorine, which makes the water balanced and prevents any algae growth. If your generator is running correctly, you will not have to worry about the algae.

Saltwater pools don’t damage your clothing 

When there is a high amount of chlorine in your pool, it does disinfect the water, but it also can fade your swimwear and other gear. If you wear expensive gear while swimming, it could be a big problem for you. Your apparel will bear sustain damage, and you will have to replace it more often.

Saltwater pools produce natural chlorine which does clean the water, but it does not cause damage to your clothing. Even if you remain in the pool for long hours, your clothing will not get damaged due to the chlorine.


We can see that even though both the saltwater pools and the chlorinated pools have their pros and cons, the saltwater system has a lot of advantages over the chlorinated pools. It is both more comfortable to use and is healthy. Moreover, it doesn’t require heavy maintenance and is a better choice between the two. You can make your choice according to your needs and requirements.