How Electronic Health Record Improves Patient Care

What is electronic health record(EHR)?

An electronic health record is very beneficial to improve patient records. There are so many positive points of this electronic health record. It will help to store data of every patient without any medical errors. ​

Electronic health records are not just a tool to collect and store data but are the backbone for building a collaborative healthcare network of health care settings such as clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, etc. 

​Let’s take an example when doctors write a prescription manually at that time might be there is some error. 

We can not say its always right. Because it is a manual way they are using, This will create a massive problem for patients and at that time if there is any dangerous condition that will also create a problem. By using the electronic health record, it takes 1 minute more, but it is beneficial.​

​When we come to the point on storing data of patients its a challenging task for doctors; when they make a file of the patient it’s very tough to manage and remember every patient file because it’s a human mind. They cannot remember each and everything.

By chance, in a rush, they are trying to find that file. This process will also take so much time, and in emergency cases, maybe they lost the “case.” This is also a perfect positive point to use electronic health records for patients care. They can search in seconds by typing their names, and they will get the patient record.​ They can engage with the patients through communication, and make them feel comfortable first. This is a must to have a good relationship between doctors and patients. So, patients can easily discuss their medical problems, without any fear or shame.​

Also, patients can make an appointment through electronic health record(EHR). This will reduce time wastage. Usually, when patients visit the hospital or clinic without an appointment at that time, they need to face problems like standing in the queue, wait for their turn and a lot more things. In today’s generation, no one has this much time to waste anywhere.  (Better to be on the safer side always).  ​

You can book appointments according to your schedule and it’s that simple go and meet with a doctor at appointment time. Rather than standing in the queue or wait​

By using (EHR) patients also get their medical reports or can check their medical condition via the EHR and will quickly save it for the future no need to carry stories and other essential things.​

So, the patient portal is very secure to get medical records anytime and to engage through communication, appointments, and a lot more things.​