A Brief Guide to Plan your Indian Wedding

How to plan a wedding is the first thought that would come to your mind as soon as the engagement fever would be over. And it is not easy, at all. There are many things that you would need to take care of, the caterers, decoration, your attire, the makeup, the theme, DJ and what not.

Doing it solo would be quite a daunting task. So, we suggest you hire an Indian wedding consultant, especially when you are living out of India but want to have an Indian style wedding. Let’s begin!

Decide the date-

We know how there are multiple factors that come into play when the wedding date is to be decided. The stars, the availability of the venue you want to book and weekend preferably so that every important person invited could make it and a lot more. Hence, it’s pivotal to choose the venue first.

Make a priority list-

Make a priority list like the theme, what colors would you like the decor to have, what elements you would be very particular about like the food, drinks or anything else. When you will set things in chronology you would end up finalising them with your Indian wedding consultant easily in time.

Fix a venue-

Before you try a wedding dress, or get a cake for your wedding day, decide the reception, you must visualise where would you like the wedding to be at. Would you want everything luxe or something tropical? You want to have it outdoors or indoors? Would you want it vintage, classic, floral or anything else? You can take inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram or your wedding consultant as well.

Decide the budget-

Budget is also the next big thing that you must decide for the wedding so that the Indian wedding consultant has a figure in mind under which he has to get things done. This can get a bit tricky to decide but once you have a list of things set on the basis of priority, you will be able to decide and change the things as per your wish and then

Organise and reorganise-

To keep track of everything, you can use google spreadsheets. Using this, you, your partner and the families can keep editing, and organising the things in place with ease. Just make sure to keep the physical receipts and visiting cards of every vendor you are dealing with. Build your guest list after this, it is one of the most important things thereafter. Inviting people timely would help them plan in advance and be there at the wedding ceremony.

Get the dress finalised-

Make sure you finalize the dress timely and for that, if you are not staying n India and want to get access to Indian markets,  they can take help from Indian wedding consultants. Even if you have no plans to come to India, they can deliver the costume and other things like souvenirs you want to shop from India to the country you are in.

Remember all the aforementioned points and make sure to take the time out for yourselves too where you are not thinking of the wedding arrangements. All the best!

Alen Parker

Guest Blogger | SEO Outreach | SEO