Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Delhi 10 Unique Dress Idea for Groom

Location? Check! Photographer? Check! Dresses for the pre-wedding shoot? Nope! Well, now that’s a matter of concern. Encapsulate your love story through a pre-wedding video shoot in Delhi/NCR with some staggering poses having a wondrous location in the background. But, do you think to have some staggering poses and wondrous locations are enough to make your pre-wedding shoot videos at the perfect location in Faridabad or Delhi enough? The answer is NO!

It is very important for both the bride and groom to have some great attires that not only complement each other but also go with the background and the colors of nature to make the pre-wedding video shoot in Delhi a talk of the town. There is no denying the fact that for the bride there are a plethora of ideas, fashion guidance, and blogs to guide on how to dress herself during the pre-wedding photo shoot at the best locations in Gurgaon and other parts of Delhi. However, now it’s time to shift the focus from the gorgeous bride to the handsome groom. 

So for all the grooms who have filled their bride’s life with love and compassion, it’s time to fill the frame of your pre-wedding shoot videos with vibrant colors and unique attires giving some major fashion goals to the men club. A couple should always choose an outfit that is classy, comfortable and makes them feel confident. The couple should remember that when they’ll be looking at their pre-wedding photo shoot and videos 20 years from now they’ll definitely won’t like to see themselves dressed in attires that are not appreciated anymore. Therefore, for both the bride and groom the outfit should not only be filled with vibrant colors but should look evergreen. 

So, here are TEN out of the ordinary outfit ideas for the Grooms to make their pre-wedding video shoot in Delhi a talk of the town :

Simple and Plain Kurta Pyjama

To keep your pre-wedding shoot video both sober and traditional, it is best to wear a bright-colored plain kurta pajama that not only compliments your bride’s outfit also brings good photos. 

A soberly designed sherwani

At times, the couple demands a royal look at their pre-wedding photo video in Delhi at the best location for a pre-wedding photoshoot. For those shoots, it is recommeded that the groom should opt for a soberly designed sherwani that he can use on some other occasions as well. 

A Proper Suit

There is no denying the fact that a man looks best in a suit. Therefore, flaunting one during a pre-wedding photoshoot is a perfect idea. The best part of a groom wearing suit is that it’ll blend with every kind of attire his bride wants to wear during the shoot. 


If a suit makes a man looks handsome, then a tuxedo just makes the looks of a man drop-dead handsome. To make a royal yet elegant couple’s portraits, the best outfit for a groom is a Tuxedo. A Tuxedo brings along the much-required hunk and royal look to a man’s personality. 

Casual Look with T-Shirt and shorts

At times, man carries a casual look even more elegantly as compared to that of proper suited ones. Therefore, to showcase your inner-elegance flaunting a casual look is a perfect choice for the pre-wedding video shoot. 

Printed Shirts with Trousers

The best part of adding printed shirts to a Man’s wardrobe is that it enhances happiness and smile, making the man look forever young. Therefore, to make the look of your pre-wedding video shoot full of happiness and with enhanced smiles, it is best to carry a printed shirt with trousers look. 

Pathani Suit

This goes for every groom who can carry a traditional look with poise. To make yourself look Punjabi by heart carrying a pathani suit with a great poise will make the look and feel of the pre-wedding video shoot a talk of the town. 

Nehru Jacket/Achkan 

Who said Men can’t experiment with their dresses. Nehru Jackets over a bright colored shirt or an achkan suit will enhance the looks of not only the groom but of pre-wedding video shoot also. Flaunt a Nehru Jacket either over a kurta or over a pair of jeans and a shirt. 

Semi-Formal Look

A Semi-Formal look that goes by wearing a jacket over a T-shirt, is enough to enhance the overall look for a groom. Add some vibrant colors with your T-shirts and jeans accompanied by a light-colored jacket.

Round Neck Tees

At times, keeping it simple makes it look more elegant. Carrying a round neck tee with a pair of jeans makes the best look for the groom, making the overall pre-wedding video shoot look elegant and romantic.