Why Python Web Development is the Best Language in Comparison To JavaScript and C++?

When building a new program, website or application programmers or web developers uses different languages as per their requirements and convenience. But amidst various languages such as C++, JavaScript, and Python the name that made to the top in recent 2019 surveys was Python. According to a study organized by IEEE based on different factors such as web, enterprise, mobile and embedded, Python ranked on the top for enterprise applications, web languages, and embedded languages. Whereas, Java secured its position on top of the mobile world. Python’s efficiency in building Artificial Intelligence or AI application has undoubtedly turned the game in its favor. 

With AI turning out to be the future of the IT sector, investing in Python web development service can be extremely beneficial for the companies and business sectors. Considering the growing interest of users regarding AI, developers from all over the world are taking an interest in this language. This had an obvious influence in the market resulting in a considering rise in the number of Python web development company in recent times. Emerging as one of the most promising IT hubs, this trend has had a natural effect on web design services in India.


When it comes to C++, this language has been a trusted name for the developers for years. With its efficiency, memory, and speed this language is favored by developers. This language being originated from C is equipped with multiple paradigms and offers compilation to the developers.

Python Web Development

On the other hand, Python is a language equipped with numerous useful features and libraries. These features help the developers to build code without beginning from scratch. This saves time, money and effort for both the Python web development company and the developers. Also with the simplicity and the easy readability of its codes helped Python development services to emerging as one of the most popular languages. 

Similarly, Python is a programming language that is quite easy to use and a wide range of usability. And just as, this language makes it easier for beginners to learn, it is also a tool capable to perform complex and quality works for experienced programmers. Also, this language is quite simple keeps the written codes clean, easy to maintain and easier to understand. 

Checkout this free python programming course to learn the basics of python programming by FutureLearn Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) with the University of Michigan.

As mentioned earlier, this language can be used to build various types of applications and websites. Hence, a Python Web development company does not need to focus on only one genre and can explore in different fields. This programming language can be used to build programs for both commercial and academic purposes, thanks to its versatile libraries and features. 

Also, being a high-level programming language Python follows the rule “more with lessâ€. And due to this a code written with C++ will be 10× shorter if written using Python. And the codes written using python are not only shorter than C++ but also JavaScript. 

Just like Python is extremely efficient for creating AI applications, being equipped with libraries such as Panda and Numpy this language is capable of performing a range of statistical and mathematical functions. This language is also equipped with excellent libraries that are well capable to build web development applications and also to build small codes that are known as script. 


Whereas, JavaScript is a strong language with its own benefits. With node, this language is capable to write server-side codes and also can be used to build robust mobile applications. 

When it comes to JavaScript, this language does not allow operator overloading which is supported by C++. Another thing is, Java is a language that is neutral to the platform. That is why a byte code that is generated through JavaScript can easily be used on other OS. 

Though JavaScript and C++ have their own strong points and benefits, but equipped with such a wide range of versatile libraries and features Python is favored by most of the developers and web development companies. 

But just like any other programming language, Python has its own drawbacks as well. For a code to run faster in a microprocessor, C++ will always be a better option than Python. And when it comes to making an application that will be able to run fine on the web, JavaScript will always be favorable than python.

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