10 Clever Tips To Free Up Storage on Your Smartphone

Picture this! You wanted to download a game on your smartphone, but could not do so – your device says that it does not have free space for the download to begin! What will you do?

Getting notifications on your mobile phone such as ‘storage space running out’ or ‘free up space’ to accommodate a download from Google Play Store are common. The basic solution, in this regard, is freeing up space on your mobile phone.

You may simply delete one or two existing apps to free up space and download a new app. But, you should know that there are other ways as well that you can incorporate. Read on and explore more now!

1.Use a microSD Card

The usage of a microSD Card is one of the commonest ways to increase the storage on best smartphones under 20000 and others. Using a memory card is a safe practice on your mobile phone and equally efficient. Most of the smartphones these days support expandable memory of up to 512 GB to 2 TB. They also come with the in-built storage of 64 GB and 128 GB, respectively. Hence, you can install a microSD Card in your phone and forget about space issues. You should buy a memory card that comes with an adapter so that it can be read quickly on a computer.

2.Delete app manually

The next thing is deleting apps that are of less or no use on your Vivo mobile and other options. You can do that if you can’t afford buying a memory card. But, it also means that you may have to remove a vital app because you have to download a more significant one. On the other hand, deleting apps manually to free up space on your mobile phone may also be a time-consuming affair.

3.Clear up app caches

You should also know that apps that are in use may also be taking up storage space because of using cache space. Hence, you should clear those from time to time, and it may help in solving issues with apps that are misbehaving.

4.Go for cloud storage

Another smart way is investing in cloud storage to increase storage space. A cloud is a space over the web where you can back up your files. Some of the cloud platforms like iCloud, Dropbox are the best examples. This way, you can easily save old pictures, files, and what else you like to the cloud to free up space on your device.

5.Wireless hard disk

You should know that Wireless hard disks work similarly as the old external HDD and the only thing is that you can use them using a Wi-Fi connection. They also come with a wide range of elements that are becoming affordable as you read this.

Other methods to free up space on your device include:

  1. Rooting
  2. Using Google Photos
  3. Getting rid of offline content
  4. Installing an active AntiVirus
  5. Going for a storage analyzer

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