How to use Profile, Timeline and News Feed on Facebook?

If you are a Facebook user but you are too confused about its features and options like many other people, then we’ve got all the answers about how you should Use Facebook: Profile, Timeline, News Feed and more. We understand that using Facebook is not as easy as it seems initially. Many people are too ashamed to know how to use Facebook. They get annoyed by logging into Facebook and looking at the publisher or Facebook status window asking, “How do you feel?” Many Facebook users, even beginners, know they enter status messages and upload photos to this field to share with friends, and the content below is a “feed”.

However, the surprising number does not recognize the differences between their site, profile and timeline pages, and the “feeds” and “borders” displayed on those pages. Because the power of Facebook publishing tools lies in these subtleties, it’s worth taking the time to understand them. So, continue to read if you are the one who needs to be awarded and educated about Facebook usage. Click here to know more about Facebook accounts.

Facebook’s Key Features and What They Do

Below are the seven core features where the heart and soul of Facebook lies:

Friends – list of friends you have had a chat with.

  • Publisher Box – Empty status update box for text updates, web links and other multimedia files. On the desktop, this update window is light gray: “What do you think?” The Facebook mobile app says, “Write something.” No wonder new users get confused.
  • News Feed and Homepage – the page you see when logged in to the system; the middle column shows the “channel” of what your friends are saying and doing on Facebook
  • Ticker – your friends’ Facebook activity in real-time, displayed in a small scroll box on the right sidebar of the Facebook page. This check mark was controversial and annoyed many users; Facebook enabled users with a toggle switch to hide this and finally highlighted the 2013 issue.
  • Timeline / Profile / Wall – The page you see when you click on your name in the top right corner of the Facebook homepage; in the middle column shows your personalized “border” in reverse order. Visit a friend’s page to see their profile page/time zone. 2011 Facebook changed the name and function of this service, renaming the old profile and wall to a “timeline”.
  • Bio– Detail about you that seems on your profile page/timeline when you click on the “Information” tab on the left side of the window. By default, a short outline is displayed when you click on “information,” showing the complete summary.
  • Privacy Settings — used to determine who can see status updates and personal information. To access it, click the down arrow to the right of the Home button in the top blue horizontal panel. Make sure your privacy setting is set to Friends by default and is not public. You can also use the audience selection button below the status update box to set different sharing, viewing options for each content posted by you.

Difference between News Feed and your Timeline:

The key is to understand what you are looking at as you browse the homepage and profile/timeline pages. The home page feed is for your friends and their activities and the timeline of your profile page is about you. This is one of the things that confuse new Facebook users – they don’t understand the differences between the items displayed in each area.

Your Personalized News Feed on Facebook

The site feed is hard to miss. This stream of updates posted by your friends on Facebook is personalized; no one else can see it. It is personal by default and cannot be changed by default. This is different from updates to timeline/traffic and other content that other people may see. You can view the contents of your schedule only for friends, only for you, the public or a personalized list of people.

Navigating Your Profile Page, Bio, and Timeline

Each profile page is in an area called a time zone. What is out there? Well, your profile and friends’ profile pages contain a summary of each user’s biography (or “Information” as Facebook calls it). Just click on the “About” button below each user’s photo to access their bio option.

The “Timeline” and “Friends time zone” pages display a large banner image at the top. Below is a column about a person’s biography and a “wall” that summarizes his or her activity on Facebook, including recent posts from and about them, and any photos, videos, and status updates they share.