13 Economical Places to Buy Rugs Online

Rugs are one of the economic transformations of any room. By adding a carpet of your choice, you can alter the entire room’s look and feel. Regardless of the rug sizes, shapes and patterns or style-rugs are great in unifying all the elements. These signature pieces add warmth, charisma, and style to and completely transform the look. However, rug buying is not so easy. If you are planning to buy rugs online, then it’s quite hectic yet most easy. The random rug buying approach is not favored these days. 

For instance, area rugs for the indoors or the runners for the hallways are a significant investment. But if you are not willing for extravagance, given below is the list of places where you can buy high-quality rugs online. 

These places are economical and do not cross your set budget. At these places, rugs are for everyone, for traditional and artisans to contemporary and stylish including different patterns you won’t regret anything. 

Where to Buy Rugs Online?

Concerning designs, styles, patterns, colors, and materials, these places quickly make people buy rugs online.


Rugs at Allmodern are stylish and have similar prices, just like the joss and main. This website has good quality rugs that you can buy online. The website has a detailed section where you can find the carpet according to size, style, and space. You can buy rugs online from this platform that genuinely fits your purpose. They have established a useful rug guide with appropriate cleaning methods. 


Amazon deals with all the affordable rugs. You can find everything under one roof. There is an ample variety of rug styles, types, and prices that fit your needs. Amazon only requires two days to ship the rug to your doorstep. Now you buy rugs online with amazon. 

Joss & Main

Just like Allmodern and Wayfair, joss & main also deals with the rugs at lower prices. These are the perfect rug styles with fantastic taste and flair. They had made it relatively easy by splitting the mats into various sections such as rugs by size, rugs by color, and much more. This site has the additional advantage of free shipping.

Lulu and Georgia

Whatever you want, either it’s a machine-made rug, medallion, or any jute-based rug you can find everything at Lulu and Georgia. All the cutting-edge variety is available here. Regardless of the style, you choose all of the mats with top-notch quality and instantly elevate the designs. Bright colors and beautiful texture are the key features of these rugs. You can find the carpet with the best material, color, and quality.

Pottery Barn

They deal with timeless trends and evergreen rug styles. You may find a rug for your hallways and even the area rugs for your indoors and outdoors at pottery barn. You can find eco-friendly rugs over here. For getting better sustainable rug options, you may visit their website.

Rug Gallery

Rugs from the Rug Gallery are an incredible choice for homes with kids and pets. These rugs have a good tendency to deal with frequent spills or anything. They deal with carpets that have high-quality rug pads and are washable as well. If you buy these rugs online, then you don’t need any rug cleaners, or there is no need to spend on them. These rugs are extraordinary in dealing with spills and foot traffic.


As described by the name. They deal with the area rugs. Try to visit the website frequently to buy an accent rug online. They have flash deals every day so that you may find an ideal one right away. Rugs.com has endless rug options. You can browse the different categories, like rugs by size, rugs by shape, or rugs by style and all in between. You can buy the one that captivates you.


Target deals in the ideal rugs brands such as opal house, hearth hand by the magnolia, threshold, and many more. Target is a reputable name that deals with area and accent rugs online. Do not worry about the prices as they are the same as others. On this website, you can easily browse by different brand names.

The Citizenry

Inspired by the trendy rugs you go through your newsfeeds on Instagram or other social media platforms? Don’t worry; they are mostly from The Citizenry. The mats are not only captivating but also fulfill all the local trade laws and fair trade practices. They showcase the craftsmanship and real artisans such as jute rugs from eastern countries and all in between.


Wayfair is renowned for its low prices and various abstract, floral, and classic rugs. You will find worthy designs at a reasonable price of other specialty stores since the online store keeps up with decor trends such as handwoven or other rugs.


Go straight to Walmart if your objective is to “save time and money.” Despite what people think, the significant retailer now offers an increasing variety of rugs to fit any space, theme, or budget. For anyone looking to add more fun to their home, buy buying online rugs from Walmart.

Urban Outfitters 

If you have a bohemian taste, you can browse through the Urban outfitter’ rug gallery. Now you get terrific prints in the flat weave texture from this brand. They deal with highly affordable rugs. You can also avail the tufted and shaggy area rugs at the website. Plush rug options are also available. 

World Market

The World Market is a fantastic spot for diverse cultural decor without the substantial rate for foreign shipping. Rugs range from shag rugs to flat-weave kilim rugs, owing to their origin in various countries worldwide.


If you want to buy rugs online, you need to have the proper knowledge. Learn about all the brands and websites that deal with rugs and can provide you an accent piece for your place. Read the post above to have detailed information about all rug dealers. 

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