20 Best Museums In Mexico City

We all are busy with our daily schedule too much so every vacation time we have mostly spent our time at home or visit any friend’s house. But this time you can do something different to make your this vacations unforgettable.

On most vacation trips, people visit different destinations and explore different places, beaches, and other things. But here in this blog, you can make your trip different and amazing that will help you to increase your knowledge also. This trip about to explore the best museums in Mexico City

And If you are a person who loves to spend your time in outstanding museums. Then be tuned with the article to the end. If you miss one museum name then you can feel regret. So pack your bag and book your JetBlue Airlines Reservations to start your journey.

See below the best 20 museums located in Mexico City.

Old and Ancient Toy Museum

As the word toy is attached to the title so it must be something related to the toy. Yes, you will get here a collection of toys in this museum. These all toys help you to know how the ancient people enjoy with their toy. You can also compare your modern toy with that so you can learn how ancient people’s toys are different from the present toys.

Museo de Culturas Populares

If you know the tree-lined streets in Mexico City then you will easily catch this place. You can come here at the time of Christmas because it looks beautiful at the time of Christmas eve. This is one of the most selected places for the tourist who wants to explore their Christmas a lot.

Museo Jumex

However, this museum consists of contemporary art collections which is one the largest art collections of Latin America. If you have an interest in art or want to know more about the different types of art then this palace is best for you. The museum is also constructed with the help of great architects.

National Palace

This museum is like a mirror of the history of Mexico that will help you to know all about Mexico City. If you visit here then you can learn about the past of Mexico City through its art. There are many things, art, idol and scenery that explore all the things about the Mexican culture.

Museum of Modern Art

It is located in Chapultepec Park in Mexico City where you can walk and spend a good time in this park. However, the shape of the museum is circular and it has a large dome at its center. You will get a different experience in this Museum due to the beautiful architecture of this museum. You will also get modern art here that will inspire you a lot to make art.

MUCHO Museo de Chocolate

This museum is dedicated to chocolate so its name is included with chocolate words. Moreover, you will get the historical insight which will be interactive. Those people who love to eat chocolates then can visit this to know more about the different chocolates. Here you can also learn about the different chocolate and their taste.

Museo del Object

Never miss the chance to visit this museum after visiting Mexico City. Also, this comes under the best museum in Mexico City which is spread on 3 floors. Every floor has a different collection that will give an amazing experience and learn the different things.

Luis Barragán House and Studio

You can not observe or think about the inside of this museum because outside it can be normal but if you visit inside you will get the mystery. Things like fountains, pools, and kaleidoscopes you can see inside this museum.


This museum is all about modern artists which shows the art of an artist. This was opened 20 years ago where both Mexican and international artists were shown. Here you can know about the different artists of all over the world and their quality of the art. That will help you to purchase any art for your home and office to decorate.

The Franz Mayer Museum

This is one of the fantastic museums which has an extensive collection of Mexican ceramics, textiles, silver, and furniture. It looks more beautiful because it includes maps, globes, etc. There are large portion comes from Europe and Asia that help you to learn about that places. Most of the things come from Mexico itself to know about Mexico.


It stands for Museo Universitario Arte Contemporaneo which is 14000 square feet on the ground of Mexico City. The major theme in the collection of Mexican arts. This is not only a museum it’s the world-famous National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Museo de Arte Popular

This museum is commonly known as the folk art museum. Through its creative works, one can get to know about Mexican art and people. Mainly, it has focused on handicrafts and many themes related to Mexico City. You can purchase many things which are made up of handicraft and looks beautiful for your house.

Museo Rufino Tamayo

In 1981, Ruffino Tamayo founded the Tamayo museum which is located in Mexico City. If you visit inside of the museum then you will see that it is more spacious due to glass walls and light wood. It was named over the name of its founder you should visit here once in your life. There are many way to visit this place just call to Alaska Airlines Telefono and visit this place easy.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

This is one of the historic centers of Mexico city which has a grand building and it is one of the most iconic places. Do not miss the top floor of this museum. Mainly this museum famous for notable events in music, theatre and dance in Mexico. 

Museo Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso

This museum was once a college where classes used to run in 1588 at the starting of a new facility. Inside the museum, you can see diverse murals of artists.

Rest 5 museums are listed here. You must visit these museums if you visit Mexico City.

  • Museo Nacional de Antropología
  • Museo Frida Kahlo
  • Dolores Olmedo Museum
  • The Franz Mayer Museum
  • Casa del Emilio (Indio Fernandez)

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