What does it take to create a modern bedroom?

A modern bedroom does not necessarily have a cold vibe to it. We think of modern bedrooms as dark and bluey, always giving a cold spark. Big or small, full of dark sheets, drapes and lots of glowy light, they often look clustered. A bedroom is a place where we recharge. This place allows us to go private with ourselves. Therefore, it deserves a lot of care.

Here are some tips that you can follow to take away the gloom from your room, yet keeping it chic and clean.

  • Have a statement bed. The bed should be the centerpiece of your bedroom. Don’t push it against the sidewalls. Let it stay in the middle of the room.
  • Mattresses can make and break the entire look of your bedroom. If you don’t get the right kind of mattress for your bed, it will make your room look untidy and claustrophobic. Nowadays, you can even buy your mattress online. So, do your research and stay sorted.
  • Bright and colorful accents. If you don’t have an accent wall, just get your hands on some colorful props that you can easily hang from the main wall against which the bed is set. These accessories provide a sort of style statement to your bedroom.
  • Don’t say no to indoor plants. Indoor plants not only provide a very chic and classy look to your bedroom, but also help purify the air. Look good and breathe easy, that’s the motto.
  • Modern details. A lightly printed wallpaper or a flowy window treatment can take your bedroom to the next level. Concrete walls, with a softer touch can bring in the sense of good aesthetics coupled with style. 
  • Wooden furnitures are absolutely perfect. Wooden furnitures provide a bit of warmth to the concrete rooms. A wooden table or a chair or even a bookshelf can do wonders. You can also keep some small plants on top of the shelf or the table to bring out the class. 
  • Keep an open mind and say yes to glamour. Some grey or blue shades provide a chic and elegant look to your bedroom. Keep a darkish standing lamp by the side of your bed or window and cherish forever.
  • Bring in a lot of light. Although I suggest you keep dark drapes in your bedroom, it will require plenty of light for obvious reasons. Get your hands on some installed lights as well as portable ones. Decorate your bed frame and windows with them. 
  • Go for warmer tones. Don’t go all white or pink while choosing the colours of your items. Get warm tones, such as, blue, orange, yellow etc. Mix and match them with your mood. It’ll be fun.
  • Every bedroom should have a rug. It’s hard to imagine what a rug does to your room. Make some space on the floor and add a simple rug. Mono or bicolored, both are amazing.
  • If possible, spend some on antiques, for example, table-top pieces, a clock or a wall-hanger. 

Most importantly, try to keep a minimalistic look. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Don’t get all of them and expect your bedroom to look good. Keep it simple, keep it good.