Your Mini-Guide To Understanding Natural Healing

Natural Healing is about building the body’s self-healing capacity by living as per the laws of nature. It includes eating as per circadian rhythm, and utilizing natural elements in daily life. 

State of Health & Disease

As per natural healing, Health & Disease are the same. A reduction in healthy state is called a diseased state. Disease does not come from outside but arises from within the body, due to accumulation of toxins or mismanagement of our vitality. 

Boost Health & Healing The Body

Natural Healing always takes a holistic approach. The entire body is treated as a single unit, for any ailment. The key to natural healing is eating natural foods, preferably in their raw state and utilizing natural elements – Sun, Air, Water, Space for elevating health.

Curing Diseases

Natural healing believes that there are no curative powers in anything outside the body. So all healing is self-healing. i.e. given the right conditions and removal of obstacles, the body heals itself. We must listen to our body, trust in its innate wisdom, and make conscious lifestyle choices to align back to nature. As the obstacles are removed, the body gets back to balance through self-healing without the use of external medicines. 

Holistic Healing

Natural healing does not believe a cure is a cure unless the root cause is addressed and corrective action involving the whole lifestyle is taken. One of the basic principles of natural healing is the Unity of Disease and Unity of treatment – a single cause of disease which is toxin build-up and single treatment which is the correction of lifestyle. In natural healing, symptoms are not viewed in isolation and there exists no separate treatment for each symptom. Treat the cause and not the symptom is the principle because suppression or symptomatic treatment in one place leads to manifestation in some other form in another place as was discussed in the stages of the disease.

When living naturally, many symptoms that were seemingly separate get corrected together. Hence it is a holistic method of healing.

Aligning with nature’s laws gives the highest level of health.