What Are the Common Types of Marketing for Businesses?

Growing a business takes more than selling a good product and providing a good service. You have to learn how to market your business so that your future customers and clients can find you.

If you’re at a loss of how to market a business for your small business, this is the guide for you. Read on to learn four of the most common types of marketing that you can use to grow and scale your business.

Content Marketing

People use search engines like Google every day to find answers to their questions. Research shows that of all people on the internet, 77% read blogs or authoritative websites to learn more about something they need answers on.

Small businesses can reverse engineer greater success in their business by capitalizing on consumers’ need for information. This type of small business marketing is referred to as content marketing.

You may be more familiar with content marketing in the form of blogs or informative articles. Businesses anticipate the needs and desires of customers (such as answering specific questions that customers have) and package the content in a way that sells their product or service.

Content marketing is an easy way to score a higher return on investment when it comes to marketing a business.

Email Marketing

Email is one of those kinds of marketing that sounds outdated but actually kills the game. For every dollar that businesses spend on email marketing, they earn at least $42 in return. That’s more than double the return on investment (ROI); in fact, the ROI is 4200%.

Email marketing is a no-brainer for small business owners.

Start to build a solid email list now so that you can get in touch with your customers whenever you want, and at a minimal cost. Are sales low? Send your customers a promo code. Is the holiday season coming up? Remind your customers about the awesome products and gifts you sell.

64% of small business owners use email to communicate with their customers and grow their business. You should, as well.

Video Marketing

While video marketing can fall under content marketing, we have separated the two because video marketing is a whole field on its own. The usual aim of video marketing is to generate leads and increase sales, but there’s more to video marketing than selling.

Video marketing tends to incorporate effective and creative storytelling, as well. It captures the audience’s attention and takes them on a journey that circles back to the brand and its mission, helping customers understand the brand more intimately.

Contrary to popular opinion, video marketing is not as much about video production budget as the creative element in this type of marketing. Learn how to optimize this medium of marketing to grow your business to heights you’ve never seen before.

Leverage These Types of Marketing to Expand Your Business

Even if you hate to self-promote, the reality of business is that you get more business when people know that you actually exist. If they have no idea that you sell the most amazing products or that you offer the most exceptional services, your business cannot grow beyond your current circle of customers. Look into using these types of marketing to grow your business and expand your reach.

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