5 Must-Know Advertising Tips for Lawyers

Have you seen a steady decline in client referrals? Then it might be time for a new tactic: online advertising.

You’ll be part of a growing trend. After years of steady rises, the online advertising market will hit a staggered $375 billion this year. So even if you are still sitting on the fence, your competitor is probably already investing in ads.

Now it’s your turn to capitalize on this highly effective marketing approach. To help you, we’ve pulled together the five best advertising tips every lawyer should know.

1. Build a Reputation As An Expert

Knowledge and information are the biggest currency online. When it comes to marketing for law firms, showcasing what you know will help you develop trust and authority in your niche.

Start by creating some content in your expert legal field and share it online. Video and blog posts both work well. Go deep with the knowledge you share and build a reputation as the number one expert in that topic.

Next, try pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to people who’ve already viewed your content (known as retargeting; most PPC ad platforms offer this method).

2. Use Testimonials

People trust whom their friends trust. So don’t underestimate how valuable reviews and testimonials can be when it comes to signing new clients.

Aim to implement a formal referral process if you don’t already have one. Contact some of your most recent customers and ask if they’d be happy to provide a testimonial.

After you’ve done that, it’s time to feature these testimonials and reviews in your ads. You can either use them as part of the ad content or use them on the landing page after people have clicked on an ad.

3. Invest In Professional Ad Copy

Most law firms will have similar headlines and call to action on their ads. But if you want your ads to perform exceptionally well, you should aim to be one step ahead.

You can do that by investing in a professional copywriter who can turn your headlines and make them into phrases that will pop out of the screen.

Good copywriters understand the types of words and phrases that get clicks, and they can help boost your ad conversions.

4. Target By Location

Your law firm might serve a significant geographical location, but that doesn’t have to stop you from getting specific.

You can create separate ad campaigns and target each one at one location, even calling out the location name in your ad copy.

That is a tried-and-tested tactic to boost conversions on ads and works exceptionally well in legal fields where people like to choose local services.

5. Test

There are few substitutes for robust testing for an effective advertising strategy.

Testing different campaign approaches side by side (known as split testing) will help you fine-tune each element of your promotion. That might include the headline you use, images, or even your landing page and offer.

Five Advertising Tips For Lawyers

There’s no savvier way to grow your business than using paid ads. These five advertising tips will help you produce a profitable and popular campaign.

For more marketing ideas for your law firm, visit our business section for our latest tips and recommendations.