Top 5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Church Banner

Is your church growing as you want it to? Don’t forget the tried and true marketing strategies that can bring new visitors to your church. A church banner is still a powerful way to get your message to the people who need it.

If you want your banner to bring in new attendees, then make sure your design is appealing. Let’s look at five tips for designing an effective church banner.

1. Banner Size

Before you start picking design elements, you need to nail down the size and shape of your banner. This will determine how much text you can use and the balance of your overall design.

To choose the right size, first consider the location. Most custom church banners end up beside a road—so make sure it’s big enough to see from a moving car!

2. A Readable Font

The most beautiful design is wasted if viewers can’t understand the message behind it. Your first priority needs to be readability, not a trendy look.

Avoid overly decorative fonts and script fonts. A bold sans-serif is the perfect choice for the most important information, like service times and your call to action. You can accent it with a more creative font, but restrict the flashier options to nonessential information or branding.

3. The Right Colors

The right colors will grab attention, serve the theme of the design, and be aesthetically pleasing. If you don’t know where to begin, start with a crash course on color theory.

Colors can impact legibility. Ensure that your colors have high contrast so text and design elements don’t get lost in the background.

4. Keep It Simple

People won’t look at your banner for long, so don’t crowd it with anything unnecessary or hard to remember. For example, if you’re designing an Easter banner, then the service times, your website, and a call to action are enough information. Interested people can find out later that you’re hosting activities for the kids and a special communion.

Keep your design elements simple as well. Stick to one or two fonts, a limited color scheme, and graphics that are easy on the eyes. Anything more and you risk confusing your audience.

5. Use Hierarchy

Hierarchy is what creates the balance of your church banner design. It ensures that the most important information leaves an impression on viewers by standing out. The easiest way to create a hierarchy is through size.

Think about the action that you want viewers to take after seeing your banner. Make that the focus of the design. Make extra details smaller.

Consider how people read as well. You can create an easy flow through your design by arranging the most important information at the top left and the smaller details at the bottom right.

Design the Perfect Church Banner Now

Are you ready to see your church attendance skyrocket? Use these design tips to create an eye-catching church banner for your next event and you may start welcoming a flood of new members!

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