Top 5 App Development Trends of 2022 That You Need to Know

The need for app development is rising, and the sector is advancing exponentially. Look at the numbers: by 2022, the market will generate $808.7 billion in sales. Because of the rapid pace of technological change, businesses must remain current and embrace new app technologies to ensure their continued success.

Super Apps

Mobile apps like Super App combine the features of several other types of apps into a single package, making life easier for consumers. Why have super apps become so popular among users? They don’t have to download many apps, yet they can access all their functions in a single app.

For example, Paytm has a sizable market share in India. Paytm is the most popular app in India, with more than 1 billion active users. Customers may now use Paytm to pay for restaurants, train and plane tickets, movie tickets, and bills.


During the epidemic, AI, Machine Learning, and associated technologies had a profound impact on the lives of company owners. Old company models were transformed into more efficient and streamlined operations with their guidance. The year 2022 is also expected to increase the number of AI and ML initiatives being executed. Some probable explanations include the following:

  • Because of artificial intelligence, climate change and other environmental problems have been significantly impacted and lessened in severity.
  • The rate of cybercrime is rising at a shocking rate. Solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) were able to address the difficulties effectively.

Video Conferencing 

During a crisis, video conferencing has advanced in many ways, including creating virtual backdrops for team video conversations using AR. For example, field service providers can take advantage of the technology to assist remote users and address problems. A smartphone camera pointed at a household appliance is all that’s required. As a result, they can utilize AR to illustrate how to correct the problem.

Shopping is nearly impossible because of the epidemic. Customers want to acquire a feel for the products they’re looking at. The use of a virtual assistant may be seen here. Vendors can now present a product on the internet, respond to inquiries about it, offer advice, and track inventory. A variety of industries are expected to see the expansion of this movement.

Security & Anonymity

As the number of cyberattacks rises, so does the worry about cybersecurity. As a result, the world’s most successful corporations will step up their efforts to ensure their networks are secure.

An excellent example of this is Apple’s “Passkeys in iCloud Chain” functionality, announced at WWDC21. The new feature will replace passwords with a more secure logging method into the site. Apps will be required to obtain permission before accessing much of a user’s personal information with the newest Android version.

5G Technology

The addition of 5G technology will elevate all the tendencies above to a whole new plane. Improvements will be made in 2022 because of the 100-fold speed increase of 5G compared to 4G:

  • The combination of AR and VR will be significantly easier.
  • Improved video streaming applications are on the way.
  • The speed of data transfer between devices will be increased.
  • New features will be added without affecting app performance.

Overall, 5G allows for more innovation.


More and more businesses would rely on these technologies for survival in 2022. Customers’ expectations are rising at the same rate as technological advances necessitate new approaches from companies and developers alike if they want to survive and thrive. 

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar is a Digital Marketing Strategist in a leading organisation. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development