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The Importance of Promotional Video for Your Business

Promotional videos and video marketing have taken over the world of business. A recent study shows that almost 63% of businesses have already started using promotional videos for reaching out to the masses. Among them, 83% of the businesses believe that using promotional videos for their business has provided them with positive ROIs. Most business experts think that promotional videos will hold a considerable portion of the sales soon for the majority of businesses. The trend for marketing through promotional videos is growing uncontrollably, and businesses are adapting to the conditions quite well.

The businesses that have tried using promotional videos for increasing sales have reported the process and investment to be worth every penny. Thus we have elaborated on some of the main reasons promotional videos are essential for your business to grow and succeed.

Promotional Videos Drives Sales and Conversion

A business analytics institution released an article regarding the use of promotional videos stating that using a product video on the landing page of your website can effectively increase conversions by nearly 80%. Major businesses are using videos to work for the business regardless of the place or category they are used in.

Promotional videos are a direct driver of sales for your business. A study states that 74% of viewers have subsequently brought the product after seeing a full-blown, explanatory video about that particular video. Pictures and videos are deemed to stimulate the brain and excite them. It allows the viewer to be interested and try out the product, driving sales. 

Videos Provide Positive ROI

As mentioned earlier, 83% of the businesses have reported that they have received positive ROIs after using promotional videos to market their products. Since producing the video is neither the cheapest nor the cheapest task, it pays off every penny. Even with a good smartphone and an affordable promo video maker, you can create exciting and professional videos.

Even if you are an amateur in producing videos, it does not matter. The content should be on point even if the video is not perfect. Research tells that converting becomes highly challenging when the content is poor and the product is not explained enough. 

Videos Acts as Pillars of Trust

For every business to succeed, it must build trust with the consumers. Video marketing, a part of content marketing, is wholly based on trust, which means promoting the wrong product would not do any good. 

Video can build trust and ignite the consumers’ interest by visually exciting them. Social media holds the power to promote these videos and reach millions of audiences. Effective video marketing through social media can drive sales through trust. A survey of consumers stated that nearly 57% of them gained the confidence to purchase a particular product online after seeing an explanatory video.

Search Engines Prefer Videos

Search engines always look to rank websites on which customers spend time. So, for example, when your website has explanatory videos of your products, customers are sure to stay for longer and watch the videos. This way, search engines like Google find that your website is exposed more compared to others and happens to rank them better on the search list.

A recent stat shows that your website is 53 times more likely to stay on top of the Google search list if it has multiple videos embedded in it. When you make promotional videos to display them on YouTube, make them optimised for the platform and link them back to your original website. Offer multiple CTAs (Call to Action) through your videos to engage more.

Mobile Users Prefer Videos

90% of the users watch a promotional video on their mobile phones. This stat explains that your videos should be optimised enough to be running on a phone. Moreover, since the era is fast, everyone wants to gain knowledge on the go. Hence they prefer using a mobile phone to understand a product.

With the number of smartphone users growing daily, major businesses produce their promotional videos for all screens, including mobile phones, desktops, laptops, and TV. Brands need to consider what the audience prefers to succeed and pierce the market.

Promotional Videos Can Explain All Points

Videos are a great option to explain any product or service you already offer or are newly launching. Out of the 45% of businesses that have embedded promotional videos in their landing pages, 83% have said it has helped them convert website visitors to customers.

You can use various animations and transitions with the help of a quality promo video maker to explain the content in your video. Animation helps to churn the viewers’ interest, unlike traditional methods where two humans describe monotonously. Likewise, 98% of the consumers have said that they have a proper explanation about a product or service before purchasing it. 

Promotional Videos Excite Lazy Buyers

A vast category of buyers is called “lazy buyers” since they do not want to go through long explanations of a particular product or service. Hence a significant chunk of the sales is lost by businesses. Promotional videos can excite these buyers since videos are more accessible to consume than written content.

Apart from churning the excitement of these lazy buyers. Videos can reach a wider audience. It helps spread sales better than generic written content that uses endless paragraphs to explain a single product or service. With an exciting video, you can easily have a cutting edge over your competitor to convert viewers and website visitors to customers. 

Wrapping Up

Videos in ads, promotional videos, explanatory videos on the landing pages, etc., all work wonders when deployed in the right place. The content within the video matters the most since the content bridges the gap between a customer’s mindset and the product’s promotion. So even when you explain through a video in your email marketing campaign, it works wonders. All you need is the right idea and proper execution.

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