July 19, 2024

Chicken Momos Recipe (Step by Step) with Ingredients

Recipe NameChicken Momos
Makes:5-7 People
Prep in:20 M
Cooks in:20 M
Total in:40 M

Chicken momos are a go-to snack for college-going students who want instant food for their hungry bellies, but it is not limited to students only. Chicken momos are relished and enjoyed by almost all non-vegetarian foodies. It is one of the most wholesome snacks served with dips such as red-colored spicy dip mayonnaise and a green chili spicy dip. You can choose the dip based on your palette and choice of flavor.

Chicken momos are easily available in restaurants (primarily Chinese), street kitchens, etc.

Chicken is high in protein content. It helps in building muscle strength. Chicken is also known to relieve stress.

The “not-so-secret†Chicken Momo Recipe

Chicken momos are made by mincing several vegetables and grated chicken together with several spices, wrapped into a covering of all-purpose flour, and then steamed. Chicken momos are initially steamed but can have various alternatives. They can be fried. You can also make Afghani chicken momos tandoori chicken momos, serve it with the dip of your choice and enjoy it as an evening snack.

Chicken momos can also be easily prepared at home by anyone. The simple chicken momo recipe shared below.

Ingredients used in the preparation of Chicken Momos


Ingredients for chicken momos
Two tablespoons refined oil or mustard oil
Two medium to large onions
Ginger and garlic paste
Few garlic clove
Chilies (Green)
Red Chili flakes
300g-350g of boiled chicken
Red Bell peppers
Pepper powder
Soy sauce
Salt according to taste

For the Preparation of Dough to Make Momos Covering

  1. All-purpose (400-450 grams), it can also be replaced by wheat flour for people with health concerns
  2. Eggs about three to four
  3. Pinch of salt
Steps in the Preparation: Chicken Momos
Step 1. Wash all the vegetables mentioned in the list and chicken with lukewarm water thoroughly to get rid of any impurities or dust that would have stuck on them.
Step 2. Chop all the vegetables into very fine pieces and keep them aside. Boil the chicken with a pinch of salt and ginger and garlic paste to give it an aromatic effect.
Step 3. Chicken can be boiled either in a pan or in a pressure cooker.
Step 4. After the chicken is boiled, shred it or grate it in a fine constituent and keep it aside.
Step 5. Prepare the dough by adding and mixing flour, eggs, and oil in a deep mixing bowl. A pinch of salt can be added as per your preference. Knead the mixture into a smooth dough. The addition of eggs will automatically make the dough very soft.
Step 6. In another mixing bowl, add the grated chicken and chopped vegetables and all the spices like green chilies, pepper powder, salt chopped garlic. Then add soy sauce to the vegetable and chicken mixture and stir well. Your filling is ready.
Step 7. Make small balls out of the dough and flatten them with a rolling pin into a square or circular shape, fill the wrap with the filling of chicken and vegetable, wrap it up, keep it aside, and make several wrappings depending upon the number of people to serve.
Step 8. In a momos maker, fill water and put it on the stove on medium flame. Once the water starts boiling, put the momos on different sections provided in the container, do not forget to oil the container before putting momos in it; otherwise it could stick to the base.
Step 9. On low flame, keep the momos for 20 minutes. It will probably be ready by then. If the momos seem raw, let them be there on the stove for another five minutes.
Step 10. Using tongs, bring out the momos carefully out of the container, serve it on a plate with the dip of your preference.

Enjoy one of the best chicken momos of your life with our finger-licking chicken momos recipe!! 

The Add-ons to your delicious chicken momo recipe

Salsa dip is one of the most paired dips with chicken momos which is also very quick and easy to prepare.

Homemade salsa dip can be prepared using tomatoes, green chilies, black pepper, lemon juice, salt, and onion. Some people also add coriander leaves to give it a better taste.

If you do not want to prepare it at home to save your time, ready-made dips of all sorts are available on the market by several equally delicious brands.

Some people who are not able to eat spicy food pair their chicken momos with white mayonnaise.

Benefits of Chicken momos:

People can consume chicken momos on a diet by substituting flour with wheat flour and using olive oil or mustard oil as an alternative to refined oil.

It is a wholesome dish good in the mouth and also digests quickly. It is non-messy to eat. Almost all non-vegetarians love chicken momos. Although it resembles the Chinese dim sum, it has been molded into Indian flavors by our creative curators of food.

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