May 30, 2024

Gluten-Free Neer Dosa (Rice Dosa) Recipe

Doesn’t Neer Mean Water? Yes, It does. Neer means water in the Hindi language. Neer Dosa is so-called because it is not as vicious as the normal Ragi or Dal dosa. Neer dosa is liquid and flowy inconsistency, which can also be called water, and thus, it is named neer dosa. Neer dosa is made up of rice flour.

Is Rice Flour Better Than the Others?

Rice flour is easy to prepare at home. It can be made by grinding raw rice in a blender, mixer, or food processor (depends on what is available with you).

Rice flour is gluten-free. It is highly rich in calcium, making it a perfect nutrient for maintaining bone health. 

Rice flour also helps maintain the health of your liver as it contains choline, which helps make the metabolic process smoother.

Rice flour is gluten-free. Thus it is safe for gluten intolerant people.

Neer/Rice Dosa 

Neer Dosa is a good breakfast and Dinner food for people who prefer to eat light before bed. It is easy to prepare even for living alone in other cities away from their families. It will not take much time. So come, let’s learn how to prepare Neer dosa.

Ingredients for Neer Dosa
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
Oil or Butter
Coriander Leaves (Optional)

Many (actually none) vegetables are not added to Neer dosa; even the spices are mixed in the powdered form to give the dosas some flavor.

Classic Neer dosa is made only of rice flour, water, and salt.

Neer Dosa Recipe
Step 1: To make the rice flour at home, soak one to two cups of rice overnight (even four to five hours will work).In the morning, drain the water and blend it in a robust grinder with just enough water needed for the grinder to work appropriately, grind till the rice is entirely converted in the powdered form.
Step 2: Now make the batter for your dosa by adding and mixing rice flour and water in the ratio of one to two, respectively. Add the mentioned spices, like the onion and garlic powder, chili powder, add salt as per your taste, and your batter is ready to go on the skillet.
Step 3: Remember, this dosa is not suited to be made on a non-stick pan because its watery consistency has the ability to damage the non-stick coating of the pan.
Step 4: Put one teaspoon of oil on an iron skillet or tawa and spread it.
Step 5: Take the batter in a ladle after the iron skillet is hot enough to pour it on the skillet and spread it by rotating the pan to fill the gaps on the pan. On a medium flame, let it cook. Neer dosa is not to be flipped, and only one side will face the downside.
Step 6: Please do not make it brown. After three to four minutes on the stove, the dosa will be ready to serve. Using a spatula, fold the dosas and put them on the plate. Since these are very light, fluffy, and soft, one can easily devour four to five dosas, so make accordingly.
Step 7: Serve it with a chutney of your choice. Coconut chutney tastes best with this.

Did You Know?

Neer dosa is also a vegan dish.

Veganism is the practice of avoiding any animal product from inclusion and consumption in your life as much as possible.

Vegans are the people who practice and propagate Veganism.

Vegans are ardent animal lovers, and vegans believe it is cruel to use animals for human benefit. 

Vegans do not consume milk, honey, or animal products. Since curd is used in the traditional dosa, unlike the neer dosa, the traditional dosa becomes vegetarian but not vegan.

Since Veganism is fast spreading across the world, it is going to give a boost to vegan recipes.

Benefits Of Adopting A Vegan lifestyle

It is a healthy lifestyle choice entirely based on plant-based food.

It prevents colon cancer.

It promotes weight loss.

It is compassionate towards animals.

In conclusion, neer dosa is a good choice for breakfast, dinner, or other meals.

Go for it.

If you are a working professional or a student who is always in a hurry, you can use readymade rice flour or make rice flour in bulk and store it in a container up to any time.

Rice flour is a vegan product, gluten-free product light and good for your intestines,

Neer dosa has a mild taste, so when you are not feeling too well to eat a lot, you can go for such a food choice.

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