Top 3 Incredible Health Benefits of Taking a Vacation

A well-publicized study printed in the Journal of Vacation Marketing suggests that even anticipating a vacation leads to enhanced well-being. 

If anticipating travel has such positive effects, then surely the act of vacationing must offer even more benefits? Turns out, vacationing offers more than just a chance to explore new places and try new things. 

Keep reading to find out how taking a vacation can improve your physical and mental health, too.   

1. Taking a Vacation Improves Heart Health

Stress is a major contributor to heart disease and stroke, and taking a break from the daily grind is one of the best ways to alleviate the effects of stress.

Studies by the APA indicate that vacations help reduce stress. They do this by removing you from situations that cause anxiety and stressful feelings.

Another Canadian study involving a group of 900 lawyers backs this research.

Another small group study from the University of Vienna proved that these stress-busting benefits can continue once you arrive home, too. These test subjects experienced fewer headaches and other stress-related maladies up to five weeks later. 

Several other studies focusing on the cardiovascular benefits of vacations proved that those who skipped vacations were 30% more likely to succumb to heart attacks.

Those who skipped just one year’s vacation time increased their risk considerably. Skipping vacations for six years or more increased the risk of heart attack eightfold. 

2. Vacations Boost Your Overall Health

Less stress means you sleep better and better sleep results in better focus, a more alert mind, and improved memory. 

On the contrary, lack of sleep negatively affects mood and can lead to increased accidents and injuries. When you sleep, your body rebalances and restores itself, leading to overall improved health.

A study commissioned by New Zealand Air shows that vacations help improve your sleep by giving you a break from the anxiety that work can cause.

Fresh air and vacation activities help tire you out, encouraging deep sleep when you retire. 

3. Travel Has Mental Benefits

Multiple studies backed by MRIs and PET scans have proven that people have their best ideas when they’re relaxed. The new experiences and people you encounter while away from home help open your mind to new possibilities.

A study focusing on fashion designers showed that those who spend more time abroad, like Lagerfeld and Elbaze, produce more unique designs. 

That means vacations are great for challenging children’s senses and inspiring them to see things differently. So, it’s an enjoyable way to boost their school performance.

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Start Your Journey Toward Better Health

So, the next time you want to apply for vacation time at work, skip the guilt trip. Getting out and about can only enhance your performance and your health. 

Taking a break from repetitive duties is the best way to renew your enthusiasm and resolve, and will ensure you return to work ready for action.

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