Tips for proper grooming for the day of engagement

When it comes to weddings and engagement ceremonies, the focus is usually always on the bride. Her dress, her makeup, hair, jewellery, etc. is given utmost important even from the groom’s side. The preparations for the bride’s look are done months in advance because everything is expected to be picture perfect. But what about the groom? Men rarely pay attention to their own appearance even on their big day. There is honestly so much grooming that can be done for the grooms-to-be as you also deserve head-turning attention. Read on to find out how you can look dapper at your engagement. If you’re wondering where to buy the rings from, check out jewelers in hatton garden.

  • Skincare

If, as a man who’s about to be engaged, you look in the mirror at your skin, you’ll see so many reasons to fix what you see. Imagine your beautiful bride in front of you and then think of how much you will have to match up. Start a few days in advance. Go for a facial and exfoliation session to repair all the damage that the daily pollution and stress may have done to your skin. Choose the right products for moisturising so you can maintain the smooth and fresh look till the day of the engagement.

  • Hydrate yourself (alcohol leads to dry and dull skin that just makeup cannot repair)

Alcohol can lead to a lot of water loss from the water and makes the skin look dry and dull. That kind of dryness is the one makeup cannot fix. So remember to hydrate yourself well. Increase your water intake and cut down on alcohol if possible for a few days to look fresh and glowing on your big day.

  • Beard trials

Not sure which beard style to sport? Spend a month trying out stubble styles so you have enough time to grow it back if you want to. Also, if you want the clean shaven look, you might have to get your skin used to it to avoid breakouts.

  • Outfit trials to match her dress

This is probably already done by her, but we’re still pointing it out. It is always lovely to match outfits at the ceremony. Matching outfits make the couple look in sync and bring the whole function together somehow by adding a touch of co-ordination and symmetry.

  • Hair style

Try out hair styles that will make you stand out. Go for something you don’t usually do. You can also get hairdo trials a few days before the ceremony at your salon.

  • Oral hygiene

If you’re a smoker or drinker, then you may want to work a little on oral hygiene before the big day. Go for teeth whitening and cleaning processes at your dentist’s. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll be smiling and giggling at the engagement so shine those pearly whites. The treatments will also help fight bad breath issue, if any.

Well, that’s pretty much it for the grooms. The tips are basic but very easily and often overlooked. Since you’re going to be the star, well, half the star, on that day, everything has to be picture perfect. Also, another piece of advice: the Hatton garden engagement ring is quite the rage this year, so don’t forget to check it out for your beautiful bride. So all the best, grooms!

Alen Parker

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