Tips for Organizing a Perfect Road Trip

In this post, I will give you all the necessary advice to free printable road trip planners on your own. If road trips are what you like the most or want to try them, read on, we will tell you everything!

As you well know, we love road trips; We do not conceive of a better way to enjoy the trips and tours that we are doing.

Traveling at our own pace, stopping where we most notice, is the best!

We are at the wheel and with complete freedom to choose what to do, when, how, and where.

A good road trip is an experience that one must enjoy at least once in a lifetime. Of course, it is not enough to hit the road without more. Although it is not a trip to use, it is also necessary to consider some tips to make your road trip unforgettable.

Practical tools to organize a road trip

If you don’t have time to read the whole post, copy and paste the URL of this post in your notes, or copy the links of these tools because they will be beneficial for planning your road trips.

  • Road trip planner print at home
  • Car rental : Rentalcars or AutoEurope
  • Camper van or motorhome rental
  • Ferry reservation to go further
  • Reservation of accommodation (hotels, hostels, motels, apartments, etc.)
  • Excursions and guided visits

Tips for making a road trip

Planning a road trip is not the same as planning a trip to a single destination, for obvious reasons as you can imagine.

What is a road trip?

A road trip is a road trip that you take in a vehicle, such as a car, a motorhome, a camper van, a motorcycle, etc.

What does a road trip mean? Road means highway, and trip means journey. It is an English expression commonly used to call road trips or trips by car or camper.

A road trip or road trip is a trip that involves visiting several different places a day and usually sleeping in other sites every day or every few days.

We need a vehicle to make the different trips on our itinerary during a road trip.

How to take a road trip

First, you have to decide how you will make the road trip: linear, circular, if you are going to use operations bases, if you are going to do it in a van or motorhome, rental car, your car, type of accommodation, etc.

  • Linear Road Trip: You start at point A and end at B. For example, in US Route 66, you start in Chicago and end in Los Angeles. You fly into Chicago, rent a car, drive almost 2,500 miles, arrive in Los Angeles, return the rental car, and go home.
  • Circular Road Trip â€“ You start and end at the same place. For example, you leave Madrid, enter Portugal from the north, cross it to the south (or wherever you want), and return to Madrid.
  • Bases of Operations: Instead of sleeping every day (or every few days) in a different place, you divide your itinerary into parts. In the example of Portugal, you can base your operations in Porto for 4 or 5 days and visit the city and its surroundings, then spend the night in the center of Portugal, such as Coimbra, then continue to Lisbon spend about 4 or 5 nights. And you visit the city and its surroundings, and finally, you spend 4 or 5 days in the Algarve. And you leave yourself a day to calmly return home or to the airport where you have arrived.

We recommend using our road trip planner or an excel sheet or paper and pen to plan the itinerary more visually and not miss anything.

Choose the right vehicle: motorcycle, car, van, or motorhome

Your vehicle or one for rent? A sports car or a ranchera? A van or a motorhome? A sedan or a convertible?

The choice of vehicle will depend on several factors:

  • your budget
  • Your tastes
  • The weather
  • the chosen route
  • The number of people who make the trip.

If travelers do not have the right car or vehicle, the best option is to rent it, since it makes the decision easier for you, and you can get an excellent price by sharing expenses. In addition, that supposes a guarantee regarding the condition of the car.