How to Help Employees Understand Complex Ideas at Work

Are you hoping to run a more efficient and creative business? If so, you’ll need employees who can master complex topics. But sometimes you’ll need a few strategies to ensure that your employees can tackle trickier business concepts.

Read on to learn how to help employees understand complex ideas at work!

Turn to Pictures to Explain Complex Concepts

You don’t have to be the world’s best artist to use visuals effectively. But with diagrams, illustrations, and maps, you can build clarity. It’s wise to boil down explanations to necessary text that you can organize with visuals, like arrows and thought bubbles.

Adding some bold colors to emphasize ideas or main points isn’t a bad idea, either. And if you need some help turning abstract ideas into pictures, use templates. For instance, you can use concept map templates to find the right structure for your visualization.

Examples Can Illustrate Complex Ideas

Inject some real-life examples into your explanations. When you can make comparisons between concepts and concrete things, you’ll help crystallize the ideas.

You may want to illustrate how a new medication works so a marketing writer can explain it in new copy for the website. Talk about how the medication could have a positive impact on elderly women or other targeted groups.

Or you may want to use a narrative storyline to show how a new feature will enhance a car’s safety. Tell a story featuring characters and set the scene!

Focus on a Key Takeaway

Feel like you’ll lose your audience in the jumble of jargon? Then focus on one or two main takeaways.

These should be ideas that every employee can feel confident about grasping. After all, a confident employee is one you’re more likely to retain.

For example, you may be trying to explain a change to a software program that employees must demonstrate to clients. While there may be multiple new steps to access a feature, focus on why the change is needed.

Understanding why a revision is necessary can help clarify the rationale. Then the employee will feel more comfortable investigating the new steps. And they’ll be ready to explain them at their next client meeting.

Simplify Word Choice With Complex Topics

Employee expectations may be high, but you should still take the time to bring things down to Earth. And you can do that by choosing simpler words over technical language to explain complex topics.

Write an outline or script of how you would explain the topic. Then hand it to someone from outside your department or company to review.

They’ll be able to pinpoint confusing language that you may want to change. Circle words that might be new or require explanations, and revise your presentation.

Learn How to Explain Business Concepts

Complex ideas require a measured and engaging approach to explanation. Use visuals, including maps and diagrams, to break down business concepts. Be intentional about using simplified language rather than complication jargon. And focus on examples and key points as you walk employees through the topic.

For more tips to communicate big ideas, check back for new articles.