5 Must-Have Tools For Inspections Needing High Precision Measurements

Are you responsible for inspecting products? As an inspector, you have an important duty because you must ensure no issues are present. 

If a product with an issue makes it out to the market, there will be a product recall. This can prove to be bad for business. 

The good news is that there are tools you can use for high-precision measurements. Read on to learn about the five must-have tools you must have on hand. 

1. Calipers

No toolbox is complete without calipers. This is a precision instrument that can measure internal and external distances.

Calipers come in a variety of forms. Vernier calipers have a flat bar along which two opposing tips slide. A graded scale measures the distance between the tips. 

Dial calipers display measurements on a simple dial. This makes it easier to read a measurement. 

If you prefer, you can buy a digital caliper. It provides a clear display of the measurement, but it does need batteries to work. 

2. Surface Plate

If you need to make vertical measurements, you’ll need to use a surface plate. It has a flat surface that serves as a reference point for the Y-axis. 

Granite is the material that most surface plates are made from. Its smooth surface and ability to contract with temperature changes make it ideal for this tool. 

If you plan to use a surface plate, you must calibrate it. You’ll also need to maintain its shape. Failure to do these two things can ruin this tool. 

3. Coordinate Measuring Machine

A coordinate measuring machine is a mechanical device that automates aspects of measurement. Also known as a CMM, this machine comes in the shape of an upside-down “U”. 

It has legs that move next to a surface plate. There’s also a probe that moves alongside the “U” that measures the X, Y, and Z axes.

4. Optical Systems

Optical systems use light and optics to calculate an object’s dimension. It does so based on the object’s profile. Optical systems can also help compare objects to a standard shape. 

These systems vary in size and magnification. They also vary in accuracy, but all systems offer high-precision measurements. There’s no need to worry about making errors when measuring items. 

5. Gages

Gages are used to measure parts to determine if they fall within the desired tolerance. There are different varieties to choose from. You have the Ball Gages to the Custom Gages. 

You must choose the option that best meets your high-quality engineering needs. The Deltronic brand is the one for you. Their products produce a high precision measurement. 

A Deltronic pin is a superior tool. Click the link to learn more on a Deltronic pin uses. 

These Are Your Must-Have High-Precision Tools

If you’re conducting product inspections, you must use the best tools. These are five of the tools you should have on hand. These tools help produce high-precision measurements. 

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