The Best Time to Visit New York: Know When to Go

There are many choices to make when you plan a vacation to the Big Apple, but the most important one is picking when to go.

So, what’s the best time to visit New York City? The truth is, the best time to visit New York can be anytime! It all depends on what your vacation goals are.

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly trip, the best Broadway shows, a shopping spree, or the best weather, there’s something for everyone in New York all year round. Keep reading to learn more!

The Best Weather

Unlike beach towns or ski resorts, there isn’t an “off” season for New York. There are activities and attractions in the midst of summer and the dead of winter, as well as throughout the spring and fall.

However, if you’re looking for mild temperatures and clear skies, March to June and September to October are the best times to visit New York. Summer is hot and very humid, while winters can be bitterly cold.

Spring and early fall tend to be less rainy than other times of the year. If you’re looking for perfect walkable temperatures, those “shoulder seasons” are your best bet.

The Best Hotel Deals

One of the most expensive parts of New York travel is finding a hotel. Space is at a premium in the city, so finding a good deal on a great room can be tricky, especially if you want to stay near some top attractions.

For example, if you want to explore Grand Central Station in luxury, booking a room at the Westgate is sure to be a hit. You can grab a room from them year-round at

To get the best deal, however, you should travel in late January to early February or late July to early August. These weeks tend to be less expensive for hotels compared to the skyrocketing rates you’ll find during the Christmas and early summer holidays. 

The Best Broadway Selections

Top of the list of the best places to visit in New York is Broadway. This collection of world-class theaters and incredible performances runs all year. However, like hotels, ticket sales have their peaks and valleys. 

Tickets are more expensive and harder to come by leading up to and right after the Tony awards in early summer. Nominated and winning shows tend to be more difficult to access in the post-award show rush. 

Similar to hotels, January and February usually have great deals during the post-Christmas lull. 

The Best Shopping

No New York travel would be complete without at least one souvenir. Whether you’re splurging on 5th Avenue or bargain hunting on Canal Street, there’s amazing shopping in New York all year long.

There’s no wrong time to go shopping in New York, but the first two weeks of December tend to be the busiest. This is when travelers and locals alike start their holiday shopping sprees.

The Best Time to Visit New York Is Now

The best time to visit New York is as soon as you’re ready.

For bargain hunters, the post-holiday season offers the most bang for your buck. But if you’re less concerned with the price and more focused on the weather, spring and fall are better options. 

No matter what time you choose to go or where, let our travel guides help you make the most of your trips! Check out our other travel blogs for more inspiration and advice.

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