May 30, 2024

Interesting facts about the Siamese Cat breed

Are you a cat lover? Have you seen a Siamese cat? If you love can, then there is no doubt that the Siamese cat is a name that you are definitely heard of. This breed is known for being very sleek and has a different appearance from other felines. Although most Siamese cats are found in silver and grey in a combination of blue eyes, they have a pretty huge variation of coats. The unique colour of this cat makes it look mysteriously amazing. 

If you don’t know, then you will be fascinated to find that Siamese cats belong to the oldest breed of domesticated pets in the world. The colour of the coats can be easily determined by the surrounding temperature and the genetics. 

Coat colouring

As mentioned before Siamese cats are available in a range of colours. This breed has a unique gene that inhibits the pigments from developing in their fur. This also results in albinism. However, you will be thankful to know that this modifier gene can only affect cat fur till a certain temperature. 

When their body temperature drops under 100 degrees or maybe in a colder environment, you will find the genes turn back and carry the fur pigment. Since the body of cats remains cold around the ears, paws, nose and tail, these are the areas where you can find the most deposition of pigments. 

Most of these felines are born white but start developing their unique marks after a few weeks after their birth. The prime reason is that the mother’s womb is warm and which restricts the pigments from reaching their fur. Once they are born, you will find the initially developing piments around their paws, tails and faces. 

Old Breed: 

There is no specific date that ascertains their origin, but it is believed that they were the first breed that was being domesticated. It is believed that they originated during the 14th century in Thailand. This is when the breed initially appeared in the Thai manuscript. This probably makes it clear that they are the oldest cat breeds available in the world. 

Common traits

If you see the changes in this breed, you will find that they had crooked and crossed eyes with kinked tails. Even when these are the genetic factors, many legends have different explanations for this interesting appearance. 

As one of the legends says, Siamese cats were given the task of guarding the royal and golden goblet. They said that while performing their duty, the breed looked at the goblet so intensely that their eyes got crossed. Also, their tails started taking shape since they used to wrap the goblet for additional security. Even now, you can find some Siamese cats with crossed eyes. 

Great treatment

As mentioned before that, they are the oldest breeds that were being domesticated; you must know that they were the treasures of royal families. Some of the most royal people in Thailand used to domesticate Siamese cats due to their unusual distinctive and exemplary appearances. So if you are planning to bring this breed to your house, you have to start learning how to offer royal treatments. 

You have to make sure that you spend a lot of time with them and maintain them. Since they are known for their particular appearances, you have to make sure that you take extra care of this breed. Remember to buy a Siamese cat from a known breeder like Mummy Cat as they can ensure to offer the pure breed of Siamese cat. 

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