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Persian Cat Grooming | How to Groom your Persian Cat?

Persian cats are one of the most common breeds chosen by cat lovers. Their luxurious coats are one of the most common reasons why they are mostly chosen by people across the world. Thus, if you are willing to buy a Persian Cat and are thinking of choosing a Persian cat breed, you must be aware of their grooming needs. Since this is the breed that needs proper grooming every day, you have to under the grooming practices that ensure the best look of your cat.

Thus, to make it a little bit easier for you, you have to check the following grooming practices every day to make things a lot quicker and easier for you, So without any further ado, we will check in details about Persian cats grooming. Following these steps while you buy a cat would ensure maintaining healthy coats.

Strategic combing to prevent matting:

Persian cats are a common breed that have different parts of the bodies which are always prone to getting matted fur. Some of them include behind the ears and armpits. These are some of the most common areas where they differ from infections and irritations when matting is not properly prevented. All you need is to make sure that you are properly brushing across the entire coat, which is a major part of taking care of Persian cats. 

Make use of the metal comb that has wide bristles to ensure that your cat would not get hurt and make the entire process a lot more comfortable for them and easier for you.

Monthly baths to get rid of dirt buildup:

Persian cats are known for their long fur, which, when not taken proper care, can result in dirt locking. Thus, it is a need that you provide them with a clan livelihood by regular bathing sessions compared to that of the other breeds that consist of short fur. Thus, you have to keep in mind that you will need to wash their fur every four to six weeks. 

This is one of the most important aspects of the Persian cats where you need to remove matting, wet their cots, and clean them using a moisturizing and gentle shampoo to restore the natural color and quality of their fur.

Use powder if you find greasing:

Persians are some of the most common cat breeds that tend to grease due to their long and thick coats. They tend to pick dirt very easily due to the greasiness. This is why you will need to make sure that you are able to meet the need by using powder on the feline during the grooming session. This not only ensures eliminating grease but also makes the cat fur a lot softer. 

However, make sure that you are using cat powder and not the powder that you use. Since these are formulated as per their skin quality and fur, you have to buy the best product in the market to ensure retaining the look of your feline.

Use Antibacterial products to treat tear stains:

If you know that Persian cats have a very flat face and this is the reason why they are highly prone to bacterial buildup when they are not properly cleaned. Thus if you don’t pay attention to it from the very first time, it might result in bacterial buildup and which can eventually result in discoloration. Use a proper cleanser for the face to make sure that you are able to get rid of the debris while not affecting their eyes. 

However, you must take recommendations from a vet before you buy and use something not suitable for Persians. Remember, it should not be irritating or damaging to their eyes, and thus, choosing effectively is a prime need.

Clear some space with scissors for litter box:

As you may already know by now, Persian Cats have long and thick fur. This is the same for the areas surrounding their anuses, and thus you need to trim their fur around the areas using scissors to make sure that no fecal matter gets attached to the fur. This is not only bad for their health but also for everyone in your family.

Bottom Line: So these are some of the most common things about grooming before you buy. You can check Mummy Cat to get the best Persian cat price in Dehradun.


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