Best Cat Breeds in India with Price 2022

Cats are the most loving pet animals as we know but few people keep a cat as a pet at their homes. For those who love pets, it does not matter whether they are keeping a dog or a cat because we should neither discriminate between humans nor pets. The dog is considered to be the most loyal animal in the world, we should never compare them. 

I have heard people say that keeping cats is not easy because Cats are territorial animals. But cats are intelligent, cute, affectionate, animals that can take care of themselves. According to a poll conducted by Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Centre, cats are the second most popular pet animal after dogs.

If you are reading this article then it is obvious that you are a cat lover and want to buy a cat for yourself or want to collect information about cats. 

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Best cat breeds available in India with price

Persian Cats

Persian cats are the most loved and popular cat breeds all over the world. In India, Persian cats are known as the most beautiful & cute breed of cats.


Persian cats look super cute with bold eyes and shiny coats. Most people like Persian cats because of their bold twinkling eyes. Persian cats are known as long hairy or Iranian cats.

Origin– Persian cats originated in Iran.

Average weight– Around 5 kg

Price- Rs. 8000 to 25000


It is a lazy cat that spends most of its time sleeping. These cats are relaxed and sluggish and feel so comfortable while relaxing and sleeping. They need the attention of their owner and might be a little aggressive.

Interesting fact of Persian Cats

Persian cats are very famous all over the world. Because of their beauty and cuteness, they have appeared in Hollywood and Bollywood films, such as ‘Snowbell’ in Stuart Little. 

Siamese Cat

If you want a pretty and smart cat at affordable prices then siamese breed cats are only for you. Siamese cats are short-haired cats and do not need to invest more time in their coat.


Siamese cats are faint with superb color points in lilac, seal, blue, and chocolate. Long legs, pointy ears, large paws, and beautiful blue eyes. Her blue eyes add more beauty to her look. when it goes dark at night, her blue eyes twinkling like stars and attract everyone’s attention.

Origin– Siamese Cat originated in Thailand.

Average weight– In between 4 -7 kg

Price- Rs. 20,000 to 40,000


If you are looking for a cat who will give you lots of love in return, then the Siamese cat is one of them. These cats love their owner very much, if for some reason her owner gets separated from her, then they will suffer from separation anxiety. If you want a friend as a pet, this cat is the best choice for you.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon is the most popular and oldest cat breed in the world. Maine coon is a loyal, affectionate, and kids-friendly cat breed.


It has a thick, shaggy coat, medium-length legs, and big paws. It has a round facial structure and bold eyes that attract attention .It is also known as Vocal Cats. The cats of this breed are mostly brown, but there are many other colors of this breed. they can also be from medium to longline.

Origin– Maine Coon originated in Maine, New Englander.

Average weight– 5 to 9 kg

Price- Rs. 15000-20000


If you are looking for a kid friendly cat then Maine Coon cats are the best option to buy. It is the most loyal cat breed in the world. They are highly social and lovable cats who like human interaction.

Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan cat is like Persian cats and their whole body is covered up with thick hairs with different color spots.


Himalayan cat has a white and cream coat. They have a variety of color points on their body like blue, chocolate, red, etc. It has beautiful bold twinkling eyes that add more beauty to this cat breed.

Origin– Himalayan cats originated in India, the United States, United Kingdom.

Average weight– around 4 to 6 kg

Price- Rs. 20,000 to 30,000 


Himalayan cats are sophisticated, charming, and nice cat breeds that like Persian and Siamese Cats. They like being with their owner and want to be treated as their own child. They are sluggish cats who love to sleep 15 to 20 hours every day.

Bombay Cats

Bombay cats resemble a small variant of a black panther. They are found in dark black colors with golden shiny eyes.


The one who loves dark black color then this Bombay cat is the perfect choice for them. They have Shiny black fur, large and long body shape, Muscular-build body, round face with shiny golden eyes.

Origin– Bombay cats originated in Asia and the United States

Average weight– Around 4 to 7 kg

Price- Rs. 10,000 to 20,000 


Bombay cats are very friendly. They love to learn new things every day and like fun activities. They are calm-natured cats. They adapt to the environment and lifestyles in which they are nurtured.

The American Bobtail cat

As the name of this breed suggests, the tail of this cat breed is in the shape of a bobtail.


They have a superior physique and glossy coats with shiny long hair. Their fur is super soft, and their bold pretty eyes take the attention of everyone. They have gigantic bodies and are famous all over the world for their bobtail appearance.

Origin– The American Bobtail cat originated in the United States

Average weight– Near around 7 kg

Price- Rs. 20,000 to 25,000 


They are Super adoptable cats according to the environment. They are a smart, super cute, and playful breed that loves to participate in mental and physical activities.

Ragdoll cats

Ragdoll Cats are the world’s most sleepy cat breed.


Ragdolls are big and bold cats with a variety of color points like brown, black, grey, etc. It is a long-haired, cute and beautiful cat of the world. Many people in India like and love this cat breed very much.

Origin– Ragdoll Cats originated in Riverside, California

Average weight– Near around 4 to 10 kg

Price- Rs. 25,000 to 35,000 


Ragdoll is a massive, calm, sleepy, and long-haired cat breed. If you are looking for affectionate, frank behavior with humans and playful cats. then look no further, you should adopt a ragdoll as a family pet cat. These cats have a very calm and friendly attitude.


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