Pomeranian Dog Price in India, Personality, Living Habit

If you are in search of a sweet little and extremely notorious breed of puppy, you definitely mean that you are looking for a pomeranian. This is a  friendly breed that can fit in your pocket but can keep your entire family on toes. Although they are extremely tiny in their size, they are considered one of the most intelligent breeds that can realise everything which big dogs cannot. 

Well, now that you are thinking of bringing one to your home, you must be aware of the necessary details about these breeds. However, we know you must be thinking about the pomeranian dog price in india. Well, you have to keep in mind that this will vary from one breder to another which makes it inevitable to keep your search on. Therefore let us first check out some of the most common characteristics of the pomeranian breed. This will help you to understand if they are the right fit for your needs or not. 

SizeFemale: 3 to 7 lbsMale: 3 to 7 lbs
Height Female: 10 inchesMale: 11 Inches
Exercise NeedMore than 20 minutes a day
Energy levelVery energetic
Longevity12 – 16years
Barking tendencyVery high

Pomeranians are also known as the “toy†dog as they have the right height along with weight that tend to make them the right size for your need for a small and cute little puppy. You will find them getting into  mature size as soon as they reach 10 months of age. 

One can easily recognize a pomeranian due to their foxy looking face and their luxurious double coat which makes them look extremely fluffy. Besides, their picky ears and alert tendency is something that makes them seem even more notorious. They have a body shape which is almost square in shape and their curling up tails makes them look extremely cuddly and different from the other breeds. With the thick ruff present around their beck, they look complete and show the right picture of a cute and luxurious dog that can easily handle the cold temperature. 

The best part about the pomeranians  is that they are available in a range of colors. One of the most common rich red is related to this breed. However, they are available in a range of colors from white to black to sable and in a range of other shades that is highly accepted by the owners.

Pomeranian Dog Price in India:

Pomeranian Dog Price in India is varies between Rs 15,000 to Rs 50,000 and depends on color and breeders. You can easily find Pomeranian Dog in almost city or states in India.

Pomeranian Dog Personality: 

Pomeranians are one of the most common breeds that have a huge demand due to their exceptionally cute look.  They are mostly friendly, perky and cute little dogs. But you will find them not realizing the fact that they have a tiny size and they are not capable of handling the large sized dogs or threatening them. 

This is one of the most active breeds that will need regular exercising even when it is just as simple as walking around the blocks. They seem extremely intelligent and keeping aside some of their independent traits, they have a little bit of obedient nature in them. The more they grow up, they become a true lap dog and the best companion for your family. 

Pomeranians are the alert dogs and they have the tendency of barking a lot. They are a great choice for children but there is a need for letting the children know about their presence because of their tiny statuature. 

Pomeranian Dog Living Habit: 

Pomeranians are not a very hard breed to keep or maintain even when they are very finicky eaters. They don’t really go obese as they are an extremely active breed. However, since they have double coats, you need to make sure that you can groom them on a daily basis so that it does not become hard for you in the shedding seasons. 

Even when they seem really tiny, you just keep in mind that they need constant attention and exercise. They enjoy performing tricks and they love to be around the owner and keep moving around the house. When you are living with a pomeranian, you will be able to feel their existence constantly with their active nature. 

Bottom Line:

There is not a single doubt about the fact that pomeranians are extremely cute and everyone would love to have them in their homes, but there is always a need to have knowledge about their nature prior to it. The pomeranian dog price will mostly vary according to the place and breeder that you are choosing. Therefore when you are planning to buy a pomeranian, you must look for a reliable breeder who can offer you a quality breed.