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Dogs You Can Adopt as a College Student

Attending college can be stressful sometimes. The neverending assignments, tests, and projects can make your days seem monotonous and cause stress. 

But, what better way to de-stress than coming home to a tail-wagging, excited dog? Adopting a dog will surely add color to your life. They will always be excited to see you and play with you.

As a college student taking care of a dog may sound challenging. But, certain low-maintenance dog breeds are easy to take care of and do not require much. Such apartment dogs are perfect for college students, as they neither require much exercise nor take too much space. 

Moreover, apartment dogs are easy to train and have a friendly temperament. Their sociable nature makes it easier for first-time pet owners to be comfortable. 

Here are some top dogs for college students


They are also known as the Weiner dog owing to their long torso. Dachshunds are petite dogs that have a lot of energy, are highly trainable and loyal. These dogs can learn various commands easily. 

Since they have short legs, a short walk around the block is enough for them to lead a healthy lifestyle. But, they can handle a lot more if you wish to take them hiking or jogging. It is a loyal dog breed that you can leave at home for extended hours provided they have enough toys to play with. 

Shiba Inu

The fluffy dog breed originated in Japan and was originally bred only for hunting. Shiba Inu often display the personality traits of a cat. This makes them an extremely independent dog breed. All they need is a daily walk, proper grooming, and food. 

However, when the season changes, they can shed a lot. 

Basset Hound

These dogs have a distinct look as their torso is disproportionate to their small legs, and ears almost touch the ground. Basset hounds may look sleazy and couch potato.

But, if the need arises, you can take them for hikes and long walks. They are a breed of hunting dogs who can have a stronger sense of smell than most dogs. 

However, in an indoor scenario, they can laze on the couch the whole day without asking for attention. 

French Bulldog

One of the smaller dogs in the bulldog family, a french bulldog, is a little bundle of energy. They are the perfect definition of apartment dogs or low-maintenance dogs. They have a short coat and do not shed a lot, so you can be worry-free about their grooming. Unlike their other bulldog counterparts, french bulldogs can handle heat slightly better. 

However, some Frenchies are prone to separation anxiety. Starting their training early to be more independent is crucial if you wish to leave them alone for extended periods.


Pugs are a friendly breed with a short snout and unique personality. They are playful dogs but yet lazy. You will often find them resting and napping in the same spot where you left them in the morning. But, pugs bond very well with other animals as well. So, if you have a cat, your pug will be their best friend too. 

When it comes to exercise, pugs never want to, but a short walk is necessary to prevent them from gaining weight. 

While the grooming is fairly easy for a pug, ensure they have ample ventilation and airflow. Since they have a short snout, pugs are prone to overheating and breathing issues. 

These top dogs for college students are easy to manage and can manage some time alone without needing extensive training. Ensure to provide your pup with ample toys to keep their mind stimulated, and they will be happy alone while you attend lectures. 

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